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Translation for Translators - Jonah

Jonah 2

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1While he was inside the huge fish, Jonah prayed to Yahweh God, whom he worshiped. After Yahweh told him that he would answer his prayer,
2Jonah said, “Yahweh, when I was greatly distressed here, I prayed to you, and you heard what I prayed. When I was about to descend way down into the place where dead people go, you heard me when I called out for you to help/save me.
3You threw me down into the deep water, into the bottom DOU of the sea. The currents of the sea swirled around me, and the huge waves crashed above me.
4Then I thought, ‘You have banished me, and I will never be able to enter your presence again. I will never see your holy temple in Jerusalem again!’
5The water surrounded me, and threatened to drown me. Seaweed was wrapped around my head.
6I sank down to where the mountains start rising MET from the bottom of the sea. I thought that forever it would be as though my body would be in a prison MTY inside the earth below me. But you, Yahweh God, whom I worship, rescued me from going down to the place of the dead.
7When I was almost dead EUP, Yahweh, I ◄thought about/prayed to► you. You heard my prayer, up there where you are, in your holy temple.
8All those who worship worthless idols are rejecting you, the one who could act kindly toward them.
9But I will sing to thank you, and I will offer a sacrifice to you. I will surely do what I have solemnly promised to do. Yahweh, you are the one who is able to save us.”
10Then Yahweh commanded the huge fish to vomit out Jonah, and the fish did that, and Jonah was able to get to the land.