About Break Every Yoke


To create and distribute free Bible translations for the web and mobile phones to every tribe on Earth. Please pray and contribute financially, read below!

About the Bible apps

- Works offline
- Completely free
- No ads
- No tracking
- No centralized database
- No personal information saved or shared
- Share freely
- Works on old phones
- Easy to share
- Minimized APK size
- Direct APK download
- Non-denominational

Why use mobile phones?

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones are used almost everywhere. Yes, even in the middle of the jungle! The Bible apps can be copied and shared completely free without the normal distribution costs, no Internet required. The price to distribute one Bible will be around USD $0.10, one fiftieth compared to the normal cost.

Contribute Financially

Jesus died for our sins on the cross, at Golgata He broke every yoke! As His disciples we have been called to share the gospel to every tribe on Earth! Invest in eternity, share His Word, support this mission!

Credit Cards & PayPal

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Contact Us

God Bless you!

John Tibell (About Me)


People who dedicated their time and resources to help with this project.

My wife, Johanna Tibell, soul mate, helper and tireless encourager.

Paha & Samoa, who helped us with food and a place to stay when we needed it.

Marian Kupu, Tongan App translation.
BroadCom Broadcasting-FM87.5

Andriy & Maryna Bohdan, Ukrainian & Russian App translation.

Mattias Bjorkqvist, Thai App translation.
Baking For Freedom

Nikko Neubauer, German App translation.
Garden Avalon

Jeff Batcock, Tangoa App translation.

Melody Ocumen & Co., Tagalog App translation.

Please contact us(see above) if you would like to help with translation of Bible app menus and descriptions.

Data Sources

Most of the Bible translations on this site has been provided by eBible.org. They have done an amazing job collecting and compiling free electronic Bible translations.

Language data is mainly from the excellent resource Glottolog. Other resources that we've used are Ethnologue, MultiTree and Scriptsource.