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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 3

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1My son, do not forget what I have taught you. Keep my commands in your inner being,
2because if you obey them you will live a long time and things will go well for you
3Always faithfully love others and ◄be faithful/do what you say that you will do►; doing those things will cause others to be pleased with you; it will be as though you are wearing a beautiful necklace. Keep those things in your mind/inner being.
4If you do, God and people will approve of you and think highly of you MTY.
5Trust in Yahweh completely, and do not rely on what you yourself understand.
6Always allow him to lead you. If you do that, he will ◄show you the right path/direct your life►.
7Do not be proud of being wise. Instead, revere Yahweh and turn away from doing evil.
8If you do that, your body will be healthy/strong; it will be like medicine for you.
9Honor Yahweh by what you do with your money; and by giving him the first part of your harvest.
10If you do that, you will have a good harvest. Yahweh will fill your barns with grain, and your vats/containers will be overflowing with grape juice for making wine.
11My son, when Yahweh disciplines/corrects you, do not despise it, and if he rebukes you, do not resent it.
12I say that because it is the people whom Yahweh loves that he corrects/reproves, just like parents correct/reprove their sons whom they love.
13Yahweh is pleased with those who become wise and have good understanding.
14Being wise and having good understanding is worth more than silver, better than gold.
15Being wise is more precious than ◄jewels/precious stones►; there is nothing that you could desire that would be as valuable as wisdom.
16On the one hand, wisdom PRS enables you to live a long life, and on the other hand, wisdom enables you to become rich and to be honored.
17If you are wise, your life will be pleasant, and things will go well for you.
18Wisdom is like a tree that gives long life to those who eagerly take hold of it, and Yahweh is pleased with those who hold onto it tightly.

19By his wisdom Yahweh created the earth, and by his understanding he put everything in the skies.
20By his knowledge he caused the water that was beneath the earth to burst forth, and he caused rain to fall from the clouds.
21My son, always keep doing things that are right and things that are smart. If you do that,
22you will live many years and be honored and respected {people will honor and respect you}.
23If you do what is right and wise, you will be able to walk safely, and you will not ◄stumble/do things that are wrong► MET.
24You will be able to lie down at night and not be afraid of anything, and you will sleep peacefully.
25You will not be afraid that something disastrous will happen to you or that storms that strike the wicked will strike you,
26because you will be confident that Yahweh will take care of you. He will not let your foot be caught in a trap/snare.
27If you are able to help people who deserve it, do not refuse to help them.
28If you are able to help someone you interact with, do not say, “Come back later; perhaps I can help you tomorrow.”
29Do not make plans to harm those you interact with regularly, because they live near you, and they trust you.
30If someone has not harmed you, do not accuse him by saying that he has harmed you.
31Do not envy people who obtain things by violent actions, and do not imitate/do what they do.
32I say that because Yahweh considers such people to be abominable/detestable; but he is a friend to all those who do what is right.
33Yahweh curses the families MTY of those who are wicked, but he blesses the families of those who are good/righteous.
34Yahweh makes fun of those who make fun of others, but he kindly helps those who are humble.
35Wise people will be honored {people will honor wise people}, but foolish people will be dishonored/disgraced.