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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 7

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1My son, heed my advice, and guard my instructions as you would MET guard a treasure.
2Obey my commands, and as a result you will live a good life. Consider the things that I teach you to be very precious; guard them, just like you protect your eyes.
3Tie my commands around your fingers in order that they will remind you to obey them. Always keep them in mind MET.
4Love wisdom like you love your sister. Understand what is wise, and let that be as dear to you as members of your family.
5If you are wise and if you understand what is wise PRS, you will not sleep with an immoral woman; you will not listen to a woman who tries to entice you to sleep with her by what she says.
6One day, I was standing at the window inside my house, and I looked outside.
7I saw some young men who did not have good sense. Among them was a man who was very foolish.
8He crossed the street near the house of an immoral woman. He was walking along the path toward her house
9at twilight, when it was getting dark DOU.
10Suddenly the woman came out to see/meet him. She was dressed ◄seductively/like a prostitute►, wanting to persuade him to sleep with her.
11She was a loud talker, one who was rebellious; she SYN never stayed at home.
12She often went into the city streets and plazas/markets, waiting to trap some man.
13When she saw that young man, she put her arms around him and kissed him. Then without being a bit ashamed, she said,
14“I have some meat that is left over from a sacrifice that I made today to maintain fellowship with Yahweh; I have fulfilled/done what I promised him that I would do.
15And now I have come out to meet/see you. I was searching for you, and now I have found you!
16I have put on my bed sheets/bedspreads that were made from very fine linen that were imported { people brought} from Egypt.
17I have sprinkled sweet-smelling perfumes on my bed— myrrh and aloes and cinnamon.
18Come with me; let us enjoy having sex until tomorrow morning. Let's enjoy making love.

19My husband is not at home; he has gone away on a long journey.
20He is carrying a wallet filled with money, and he will not return until the middle of this month.”
21So she persuaded him by her enticing/tempting words. She allured him by her smooth/sweet talk.
22And he went with her immediately, like an ox that was going to where it would be slaughtered, or like a deer (OR, a fool) that is stepping into a noose/trap,
23where it will remain/stay until someone shoots an arrow into its liver and kills it. He was like a bird that flew into a trap. He did not know that ◄it would cost him his life/he would die as a result►.
24My son, listen to what I say; pay careful attention to my words.
25Do not allow anything to arouse/persuade you to go with an immoral woman like that. Do not go where she goes.
26She has caused many men to be ruined; truly, no one can count the men she has killed.
27The road to her house is the road to the grave. Those who enter her bedroom PRS will die as a result.