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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 28

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1Wicked people run away even when no one is pursuing them, but righteous/good people are not afraid; they are as brave as lions.
2When the people of a nation sin, they will have one ruler after another; but when their leaders are wise and have good sense, their government will last for a long time.
3A poor person who oppresses other poor people is like MET a very heavy/hard rain that destroys the crops, with the result that there is no food for people to eat.
4Those who reject/disobey God's laws always speak well of wicked people; but those who obey God's laws always oppose what wicked people do.
5Evil people do not understand what it means to act justly, but those who try to obey/worship Yahweh understand that very well.
6It is better to be honest even though you are poor than to be dishonest even though you are rich.
7Young people who obey the laws are wise IDM; parents whose children associate with those who ◄carouse/go to wild parties► are humiliated/disgraced because of what their children do.
8When people become very rich by charging very high interest DOU, their money will eventually go to someone who does kind things for the poor.
9If people do not obey MTY God's laws, God ◄detests their prayers/considers that their prayers stink►.
10Those who cause honest/good people to do what is evil will fall into their own pits/traps, but good things will happen to those who ◄are innocent/have not done what is wrong►.
11Many rich people think that they are wise, but poor people who have good sense will find out whether rich people really are wise or not.
12When righteous/good people ◄succeed/win elections►, everyone ◄celebrates/is happy►; but when wicked people win, everyone hides because they are afraid of what the wicked people will do.
13Those who refuse to confess/admit their sins will not prosper, but God acts mercifully/kindly toward those who confess their sins and turn away from their sinful behavior.
14God is pleased with those who always revere him, but those who are stubborn IDM will experience disasters.
15Wicked people who mistreat poor people whom they rule are as dangerous to them as SIM a lion roaring at them or a bear springing up to attack them.
16Rulers who do not have good sense cruelly oppress the people they rule, but rulers who do not want to become rich by cheating/deceiving people will live (OR, rule) for a long time.
17Those who are guilty of murdering MTY another person will ◄be fugitives/keep running away► until they die; do not help them to escape.
18Those who continually do what is right will be safe/protected, but those who are dishonest will suddenly be ruined.

19Farmers who work hard in their fields will produce good crops and always have plenty of food to eat, but those who spend all their time ◄on useless projects/doing things that do not benefit anyone► will become very poor.
20God will greatly bless those who ◄are trustworthy/always do what they say that they will do►, but he will certainly punish LIT those who try to become rich quickly.
21It is not good for judges to decide matters unfairly/unjustly, but some people will do what is wrong even if they receive only a very small bribe HYP for doing it.
22Selfish people IDM are very eager to become rich quickly; they do not realize that they will soon become poor.
23Those who rebuke someone will be appreciated/thanked more than those who say nice things to others merely to ◄flatter them/cause them to feel good►.
24Anyone who steals things from his father or his mother and says “That is not sinful” is as bad as a bandit.
25Greedy people cause trouble/strife; those who trust in Yahweh will prosper IDM.
26Those who believe that what they think is always right are foolish; those who act wisely will ◄escape danger/be safe►.
27Those who give things to poor people will not become poor, but many people will curse those who refuse to help IDM poor people.
28When wicked people become rulers, people hide because they are afraid of what those wicked people will do; but when wicked people are no longer rulers, good/righteous people will become the rulers.