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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 29

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1Some people remain stubborn IDM even though they are often reproved/warned about doing what is wrong, but some day they will be crushed/ruined, and nothing will be able to heal them.
2When righteous people are rulers, people are happy, but when wicked people rule, people ◄groan/are miserable►.
3Those who are eager to become wise cause their parents to be glad; those who spend their time with prostitutes will end up giving all their money to them.
4When a king rules justly/fairly, he causes his nation to be strong, but a king who is concerned only with getting more money from the people ruins his nation.
5Those who ◄flatter others/say nice things to others merely to cause them to feel good► are really setting a trap for them (OR, for themselves) SYN.
6Evil people will be trapped by the sins that they commit, but righteous/honest people will sing and be joyful/happy.
7Righteous/Good people know that poor people should be treated fairly/justly, but wicked people ◄are not concerned about/do not pay attention to► those matters at all.
8Those who make fun of everything that is good say things that cause everyone in the city to ◄be agitated/in turmoil►; those who are wise enable people to remain calm.
9If a wise person sues a foolish person, the foolish person merely laughs at him and yells at him and will not be quiet (OR, the dispute will not be resolved).
10Those who murder others hate people who ◄are honest/always do what is right►, but righteous people try to protect them.
11People who are wise are patient and restrain/control themselves when they are angry, but foolish people ◄quickly show others that they are very angry/do not restrain themselves at all►.
12If a ruler ◄pays attention to/believes► people who tell lies, all his officials will also become wicked.
13There is one thing that is true about both poor people and those who oppress them: Yahweh enables all of them to see.
14If kings judge poor people fairly, they will continue to rule for a long time.
15If children are punished/spanked and reproved/warned, they become wise; but if they are allowed to do whatever they want to do, they do things that cause their mothers to be ashamed of them.
16When wicked people rule, there are more crimes committed {people commit more crimes}, but some day those wicked people will ◄be defeated/no longer rule►, and righteous people will see that happen.
17If you discipline your children, they will no longer do things that will cause you to be worried; instead, they will do things that will delight you SYN.
18When the people of a nation do not receive messages that come directly from God, they do not control their behavior. God is pleased with those who obey his laws.

19It is not possible to correct/discipline servants only by talking to them; they understand what you are saying, but they do not pay attention to it.
20God can help/bless foolish people more easily RHQ than he can help/bless people who speak without thinking first.
21If someone gives his servants everything that they want, starting from when they are young, some day those servants will take from him everything that he owns.
22Those who quickly become angry cause many arguments, and they also commit many sins.
23Proud people will be disgraced; those who are humble will be respected.
24Those who help thieves to steal only hurt themselves; when they are in court, they solemnly ask God to curse them if they do not tell the truth, but they do not tell the truth about the crime that was committed, and as a result, God will curse them.
25It is like a dangerous trap MET for people to be ◄afraid of/worried about► what others will think about them, but those who trust in Yahweh are safe/protected.
26Many people request rulers to do things to help them, but Yahweh is the only one who surely does for people what is fair/just.
27Righteous people hate/detest those who do what is evil, and wicked people hate those whose behavior is always good.