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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 27

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1Do not boast about what you will do tomorrow, because you do not know what will happen PRS on any day.
2Do not praise yourself MTY, PRS; allow others to praise you. If someone else praises you, that is okay.
3It causes pain to our bodies to carry heavy stones or a pail full of sand, but doing something stupid/foolish can cause great pain to other people's spirits.
4It is cruel to be angry with others, and our being angry sometimes destroys others, but being jealous of someone is RHQ often more cruel than that.
5It is better to correct someone openly than to show that you ldon't ove that person by not correcting him.
6If a friend criticizes you, he is a good friend and you can trust him; but if one of your enemies kisses you, he is probably wanting to deceive you.
7When someone's stomach is full, he does not want to eat honey; but when someone is very hungry, he thinks that even bitter things taste sweet.
8Anyone who wanders far from his home/family is like SIM a bird that is far from its nest.
9Putting olive oil and perfume on a person's skin causes him to feel good, but having a friend who gives good advice is even better.
10Do not neglect your friends or your parents' friends; and at a time when you are experiencing a disaster, do not go to a relative who lives far away to request his help; someone who lives near you can help you more than relatives who live far away.
11My child/son, cause me to be happy by becoming wise, in order that I will know how to reply to those who would criticize me about your behavior.
12Those who have good sense will realize that there is something dangerous ahead, and they will hide; those who do not have good sense just keep going, and later they will suffer because of doing that.
13You deserve to have your property taken from you if you foolishly promise to a stranger (OR, a strange woman) that you will pay what she owes if she is unable to pay it DOU.
14If you rise early in the morning and call out a greeting to your neighbor while he is still sleeping, he will consider it to be a curse, not a blessing.
15Having a wife that is constantly nagging is as bad as listening to rain continually dripping on a rainy day.
16Trying to restrain/stop her from doing that is as difficult SIM as trying to stop the wind or trying to hold oil in your hand.
17We can use one iron tool to sharpen another iron tool; similarly SIM, when one person shares what he is thinking, it can help other people to think more clearly.
18Those who take care of fig trees will have figs to eat; similarly, servants who protect their master will be honored by him.

19When a person looks in the water, he sees his own face; similarly SIM, when we look at a person's behavior, we know what he is thinking.
20It is as though the place where the dead people are is always wanting more people to die and come there; and humans SYN are always wanting to acquire more things, too.
21Workers put silver and gold in a very hot furnace to burn out what is impure, and SIM people learn what we are really like when they see how we react when people praise us.
22Even if you beat/crush a fool severely like MET you pulverize grain with a pestle, you probably will not be able to cause him to stop ◄being foolish/doing foolish things►.
23Take good care of your flocks of sheep and herds of cattle,
24because the money that you acquired from selling animals previously will not ◄last/stay with you► forever; similarly SIM, governments MTY certainly do not RHQ last forever.
25After you cut the hay DOU and store it to feed the animals in the winter while a new crop of hay is growing,
26you will be able to shear the sheep and make clothes from the wool, and you will get money from selling some of the goats to buy more land,
27and you will get enough milk from the other goats for you and your family and your female servants.