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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 9

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1It is as though wisdom is a woman who has built a big house for herself, and has set up seven columns to support the roof,
2and has slaughtered an animal and cooked the meat, and has mixed nice spices in the wine, and has put the food on the table.
3It is as though then she sent out her servant women to call out from the highest place in the town,
4“You people who need to understand more, come in!” And to those who are ignorant, it is as though she calls out,
5“Come and eat the food that I have prepared, and drink the good wine that I have mixed!
6◄Leave/Go away from► other foolish people, and if you do that, you will continue to live. Walk on the road that will enable you to ◄have knowledge/know what is true and what is not true►.”
7If you rebuke someone who will not allow others to correct him, he will insult you. If you reprove/scold an evil man, he will hurt you.
8Do not rebuke someone who will not allow others to ◄correct him/tell him what he has done is wrong►, because he will hate you for doing that. But if you rebuke a wise person, he will respect you.
9If you give instruction to wise people, they will become wiser. And if you teach righteous people, they will learn more.
10If you want to be wise, you must start by revering Yahweh, and if you know God, the Holy One, you will understand which teachings are wise/true.
11If you become wise, you will live many years DOU.
12If you are wise, you are the one who will benefit from it; if you ridicule becoming wise, you are the one who will suffer.
13Foolish women talk loudly; they are ignorant and are never ashamed of the wrong things that they do.
14They sit at the doors of their houses or they sit on the top of the hills in the town,
15and they call out to the men who are passing by, who are trying to be concerned with their own affairs,
16“You people who need to understand more, come into my house!” And to those who are ignorant, they call out,
17“ Just as water which you have stolen tastes very good and food that you eat by yourself tastes the best, if you have sex secretly with someone to whom you are not married, you will enjoy it very much.”
18But men who go to those women's houses do not know that those who have gone there are now dead; they have descended down into the deepest parts of the place where dead people are.