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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 10

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1These are more proverbs/wise sayings from Solomon: If children are wise, they cause their parents to be happy; but if children are foolish, they cause their parents to be very sad.
2Money that you get by doing dishonest/wicked things will really not benefit you; but by living righteously you will live for ◄a long time/many years►.
3Yahweh does not allow righteous people to starve, but he will prevent wicked people from getting what they want.
4Lazy people soon become poor; it is those who work hard who become rich.
5Those who are wise, harvest the crops when they are ripe; it is shameful/disgraceful to sleep and not work during harvest time.
6Righteous people will be blessed by God; the nice things that wicked people say MTY sometimes conceal the fact that they are planning to act violently.
7After righteous people die, other people are blessed as they remember what those people did before they died; but we will soon forget wicked people MTY after they die.
8Wise people heed good instruction/advice, but people who talk foolishly will ruin themselves.
9Honest people will be safe, but others (OR, God) will find out those who are dishonest.
10Those who signal wihth their eyes that they are about to do something that is wrong cause trouble, but those who rebuke others truthfully cause them to be peaceful.
11What righteous people say MTY is like a fountain that ◄gives life/enables people to live many years► MET, but what wicked people say MTY hides the fact that they intend to act violently.
12When we hate others, it causes quarrels, but if we love others, we forgive them for the wrong things that they do.
13Those who have good sense say MTY what is wise, but people who do not have good sense must be punished.
14Wise people continue to learn all that they can, but when foolish people speak, they soon cause trouble.
15The wealth that rich people have protects them like a city is protected by a strong wall around it MET, but people who are poor suffer much because they have no one to help them.
16If you are righteous, your reward will be a good life, but all that sinful people gain is to sin more.
17Those who pay attention when others try to ◄correct them/teach them what they are doing that is wrong► will live ◄happily/for many years►; but those who reject being rebuked will not find the road to life (OR, cause others to go astray).
18Those who will not admit that they hate others are liars, and those who slander others are foolish.

19When people talk a lot, that will lead them to sin a lot by what they say; if you are wise, you will refuse to say very much.
20What righteous/good people say MTY is as valuable as pure silver MET; what wicked people think is worthless.
21What righteous people say MTY benefits many people, but foolish people die because of the stupid things that they do.
22Yahweh blesses some people by enabling them to become rich, and working hard will not make them to become richer (OR, and he will not also cause them to become sad).
23Foolish people ◄have fun/enjoy► doing what is wrong, but wise/sensible people enjoy doing what is wise.
24Righteous people will get the good things that they want/desire, but what wicked people are afraid of is what will happen to them.
25When storms come, the wicked will ◄be blown away/never be safe►, but righteous people will be safe forever.
26We do not like a lazy person who refuses to do the job that he is given to do, just like we do not like vinegar in our mouths or smoke in our eyes.
27If you revere Yahweh, you will live for a long time; but wicked people die before they become old.
28Righteous people confidently expect that good things will happen to them, and that causes them to be happy/joyful; but when wicked people confidently expect something good to happen, it does not happen.
29Yahweh protects MET those who live righteously, but he destroys those who do what is evil.
30Righteous people will always be secure LIT, but wicked people will be removed from their land (OR, from this earth).
31Righteous people MTY say things that are wise, but God will shut the mouths of people MTY who say what is not true.
32Righteous people MTY know what to say that is acceptable, but wicked people MTY are constantly saying things that are not true.