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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 26

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1Just like SIM it is not appropriate for snow to fall in summer time, or rain to fall at harvest time, it is not appropriate to praise/honor foolish people.
2Like SIM birds that fly by and do not alight/land on anything, if someone curses you, it cannot hurt you if you ◄do not deserve them/have not done to him what is wrong►.
3It is necessary to whip a horse and to put a bridle on a donkey to force them to go where we want them to go, and similarly SIM it is often necessary to strike foolish people with a stick to cause them to do what is right.
4If a foolish person asks a foolish question, do not answer him, because if you answer his question, you are just as foolish as he is.
5If you give a foolish answer to someone who asks a foolish question, he will realize that he is ◄not very wise/foolish►.
6Anyone who asks a foolish person to take a message to someone is himself doing something as foolish as cutting off his own feet or drinking poison.
7A lame man cannot use his legs, and similarly SIM it is useless for a foolish person to speak MTY ◄proverbs/wise sayings►.
8Tying a stone in a sling so that it cannot be thrown at a target is as foolish as SIM honoring a foolish person.
9If a drunk person waves some thorns/brambles with his hand, he is not able to accomplish anything useful by doing that (OR, he does not feel it when a thorn sticks in his hand); similarly, if foolish people speak MTY proverbs, they do not help anyone who hears them.
10A man who shoots arrows to try to wound everybody who is near is foolish; similarly, anyone who hires a foolish person who passes by is very foolish.
11A foolish person will foolishly do something stupid a second time; it is like SIM a dog returning to eat what it has vomited.
12God can help/bless foolish people more easily than he can help/bless people who are not wise RHQ, but think that they are wise.
13Lazy people just stay inside their houses and do nothing; they keep saying “ I think there is a lion in the street!”
14A door continually swings back and forth on its hinges and does not go anywhere; similarly SIM, lazy people just continually turn over in their beds and never do anything.
15Some people are extremely lazy; they put their hand in a dish to get some food but do not even lift the food up to their mouths.
16Lazy people think that they are wiser than seven/several people who can answer others' questions with good sense.
17Anyone who ◄meddles/involves himself► in a quarrel that does not concern him is as foolish as SIM someone who tries to grab a passing dog by its ears.
18Crazy people who shoot burning arrows to kill people

19are as foolish as those who deceive someone else and then say, “I was only joking.”
20If there is no more firewood to put on the fire, the fire will go out; similarly SIM, if there are no people who ◄gossip/tell people things that are not true►, quarreling will end.
21Putting charcoal on burning coals or putting wood on a fire causes the fire to keep burning; similarly, people who like to quarrel cause people to keep arguing.
22People enjoy listening to what gossips say about others just like SIM they enjoy tasty food; they enjoy listening to what gossips tell them like they enjoy swallowing tasty food.
23People who say nice things when they are thinking about doing evil things are like a nice glaze/covering on a cheap clay pot.
24Those who hate someone and are saying MTY something very different from what they are thinking are hypocrites; they are only planning to harm that person.
25When they say nice things, do not believe them, because in their inner beings are many things that Yahweh hates.
26They try to deceive people to cause them to think that they do not hate that person, but in a public meeting, the people will find out the evil things that they have done.
27Those who dig a deep pit for other people to fall into will fall into it themselves; rocks will roll down on those who start to cause rocks to roll down to crush someone.
28Those MTY who tell lies to others really hate them, and those who deceive others ruin them.