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Translation for Translators - Proverbs

Proverbs 23

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1When you sit down to eat a meal with a ◄government official/king►, think carefully about what (OR, who) is in front of you.
2Even if you ◄have a big appetite/want to eat a lot of food►, restrain yourself.
3Do not want to eat a lot of his fine food, because he may be trying to trick you.
4Do not cause yourself to become very tired by working very hard to become rich; be wise and stop doing that,
5because as soon as you look MTY at all the money that you have acquired, it will be gone; it will disappear as if it suddenly grew wings SIM and flew up into the sky like an eagle.
6If someone who is stingy invites you to a meal, do not eat a lot of his fine food,
7because he will be thinking about how much the food cost that you are eating. He will say to you, “Eat and drink all that you want!”, but that is not what he will really be thinking.
8When you realize what he is really thinking, it will cause you to want to vomit what you have eaten; and your kind words telling him that you are enjoying the meal will be wasted.
9◄Do not waste time by/It is useless► talking to foolish people; they will only despise the wise things that you say.
10Do not steal someone's property by removing a boundary marker that has been there for a long time, and do not take for yourself the land that belongs to orphans,
11because Yahweh is strong, and he is like a relative that has the responsibility to defend them, he will stand up in court and argue for them and against you.
12Pay attention to what your teachers teach you, and try to learn from the wise things that they say.
13Do not refuse to discipline your children; if you punish/spank them, it will not cause them to die,
14and it may save them from going to the place where dead people are.
15My son/child, if you SYN become wise, I SYN will be very happy.
16I SYN will rejoice when I hear you SYN say what is right/wise.
17Do not envy sinful people; instead, revere Yahweh all of your life.
18If you do that, you will be happy in the future, and God will certainly do for you what you are confidently expecting him to do.

19My son/child, listen carefully to me and become wise, and think about ◄all that you do/your behavior►.
20Do not associate with those who drink a lot of ◄wine/strong drink► or with those who ◄are gluttons/eat more than they should►,
21because drunkards and gluttons will become poor; and if all that you do is eat and sleep, you will soon ◄be wearing rags/not have any money to buy clothes►.
22Pay attention to what your father tells you, and ◄do not neglect/take care of► LIT your mother when she is old.
23Try to know/learn what is wise, and get good instruction and understanding; and do not throw those things away.
24Righteous children will cause their parents to be very happy; those whose children are wise are proud of them.
25Do what will cause your father to be glad and enable your mother also to be happy.
26My son, heed what I say to you, and allow what I do to be an example for you.
27Prostitutes and immoral women DOU are like MET a deep pit or a well that you may fall into.
28They wait for you like robbers SIM, and they cause many men to ◄be unfaithful to/have sex with women who are not► their wives.
29I will tell you RHQ what kind of people are always miserable and sad. I will tell you RHQ which people are always causing arguments/quarrels and who are always complaining. I will tell you RHQ who are injured in fights and whose eyes are always red/bloodshot.
30It is those who drink a lot of wine, who try drinking other kinds of strong drinks.
31Do not look with pleasure at red wine that looks nice, and which sparkles when it is poured out into cups, and which tastes good as you drink it,
32because the next morning you will feel like you have been bitten by a poisonous snake DOU.
33You SYN will think that you are seeing strange/weird things, and you SYN will not be able to think clearly or speak clearly.
34You will think you are in a ship that is tossing on the sea; you be like SIM someone who is trying to sleep when the ship is rolling from one side to the other.
35You will say, “ I think that someone struck me, but he did not hurt me; he hit me, but I did not feel it. When will I ◄wake up/feel normal again► in order that I can drink some more wine?”