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Translation for Translators - Lamentations

Lamentations 5

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1Yahweh, think about what has happened to us. See that we have been disgraced.
2Foreigners have seized our property, and now they live in our homes.
3Our enemies have killed our fathers; they caused our mothers to become widows.
4Now we are required to pay for water to drink, and we must pay a lot of money for firewood.
5It is as though those who pursue us are at our heels; we are exhausted, but they do not allow us to rest.
6In order to get enough food to remain alive, we went to Egypt and Assyria and offered to work for the people there.
7Our ancestors sinned, and now they are dead, but we are being punished for the sins that they committed.
8Officials from Babylon who were previously slaves now rule over us, and there is no one who can rescue us from their power.
9When we roam around in the desert searching for food, we are in danger of being killed, because people there kill strangers with their swords.
10Our skin has become hot like SIM an oven, and we have a very high fever because we are extremely hungry.
11Our enemies have raped the women in Jerusalem, and they have done that to the young women in all the towns of Judea.
12Our enemies have hanged our leaders, and they do not respect our elders.
13They force our young men to grind flour with millstones, and boys stagger while they are forced to carry heavy loads of firewood.
14Our elders no longer sit at the city gates to make important decisions; the young men no longer play their musical instruments.
15We SYN are no longer joyful; instead of dancing joyfully, we now mourn.
16The wreaths of flowers have fallen off our heads. Terrible things have happened to us because of the sins that we committed.
17We SYN are tired and discouraged IDM, and we cannot see well because our eyes are full of tears.
18Jerusalem is completely deserted, and jackals/wolves prowl around it.

19But Yahweh, you rule forever! You continue to rule MTY from one generation to the next generation.
20So why RHQ have you forgotten us? Why RHQ have you abandoned us for a very long time?
21Please enable us to return to you, and enable us to prosper MTY as we did previously.
22Please do that, because we hope that RHQ you have not rejected us forever and that RHQ you do not continue to be extremely angry with us!