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Translation for Translators - Lamentations

Lamentations 1

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1Jerusalem was once full of people, but now it is deserted. Once it was honored by people all over the world, but now it is grieving/abandoned like SIM a widow. Once it was honored like MET a princess is honored among the nations, but now we who live here have become slaves.
2We PRS weep bitterly all night long, with tears flowing down our cheeks. Among the people in all the nations that loved Jerusalem there are none that comfort us now. All the rulers of those nations that were previously our allies have betrayed us, and they are all now enemies of the people of Jerusalem.
3The people of Judah have been ◄exiled/forced to go to other countries► and caused to suffer greatly as slaves. They live in other nations where they do not have peace/safety. Their enemies seized them, and there was no way for them to escape.
4The roads to Zion Hill are empty PRS because no one comes here to celebrate the sacred festivals. The city gates are deserted, and the priests groan. The young women of Jerusalem cry because they are suffering greatly.
5Our enemies have conquered the city, and now they prosper. Yahweh has punished the people of Jerusalem because of all the sins that they have committed. The children of Jerusalem have been captured and taken to other countries.
6Jerusalem was a beautiful city, but it is not beautiful now. The leaders of the city are like SIM deer that are starving because of being unable to find any grass to eat. They are very weak, with the result that they are unable to run from their enemies.
7The people of Jerusalem are sad and scattered, and they think about the previous greatness of the city. But now our enemies have captured the city, and there is no one to help the people. Our enemies destroyed the city and laughed while they were doing that.
8The people of PRS Jerusalem have sinned very much; it is as though MET the city has become like a filthy rag. All those who previously honored the city now despise it, because they see that it has become very disgraced MET. Now the people of the city groan, and they cover their faces because they are very ashamed.
9The city has become filthy because of PRS the sins that the people have committed; they did not think about what could happen to the city. Now the city has been destroyed, and there is no one to comfort the people. The people cry out saying, “Yahweh, look at how we are suffering because our enemies have defeated us!”
10Our enemies have taken away all our treasures, all the valuable things that we owned. We have seen soldiers from other nations, men who do not worship Yahweh, enter our sacred temple, the place where foreigners/non-Israelis were ◄forbidden/not allowed► to enter.
11The people of the city groan while they search for food; they have given their treasures to get food to eat to remain alive. They say, “Yahweh, look at us, and see that we are despised!”
12You people who pass by, you do not RHQ seem to care at all about what has happened to us. Look around and see that there are no other RHQ people who are suffering like we are. Yahweh has caused us to suffer because he was extremely angry with us.
13It is as though he sent a fire from heaven MTY that burned in our bones; it is as though MET he has placed a trap for our feet, and has prevented us from walking any further. He has abandoned us; we are weak/miserable every day, all day long.
14He caused the sins that we have committed to be like a heavy load for us to carry; it is as though MET he tied them around our necks. Previously we were strong, but he has caused us to become weak. He has allowed our enemies to capture us, and we were not able to do anything to resist them.
15Yahweh looked at our mighty soldiers and laughed at them. He has summoned a great army to come and crush our young soldiers. It is as though MET Yahweh has trampled on us people of Judah like SIM people trample on grapes in a pit to make wine.
16I weep because of all those things; my eyes are filled with tears. There is no one to comfort me; those who could encourage me are far away. Our enemies have conquered us, so our children have nothing good to ◄hope for/expect to happen►.
17We people of PRS Jerusalem reach out our hands to get help, but there is no one to comfort us. Yahweh has decided concerning us descendants of Jacob that the people in nearby nations will become our enemies; so they consider that Jerusalem has become like MET a filthy rag.
18But what Yahweh has done to us is fair, because we have rebelled against obeying the commands that he gave us. You people everywhere, listen to us; look and see that we are suffering greatly. We had many sons and daughters, but they have been captured and forced to go to distant countries.

19We pleaded with our allies to help us, but they all refused. Our priests and our leaders have died from hunger in the city while they were searching for food to eat to remain alive.
20Yahweh, see that we are suffering very much. It is as though our inner beings are tormented. We are sad SYN because we have rebelled against you. Our enemies kill people in the streets with their swords; people are dying because they have no food to eat.
21People have heard us while we groaned, but no one came to comfort us. Yahweh, you caused us to experience this disaster, and our enemies are happy to see what you have done to us. But cause it soon to be the time that you have promised, when our enemies will suffer like we have suffered!
22Yahweh, see all the evil things that they have done and punish them! Punish them like you have punished us for all the sins that we committed! We say this to you because we suffer and groan very much, and we ◄faint/are very sad►.