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Translation for Translators - Lamentations

Lamentations 4

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1Previously our people were like MET pure gold, but now they are worthless. Like MET the sacred stones in the temple have been scattered, our young men have been scattered.
2The young men of Jerusalem were as valuable as MET large amounts of gold, but now people consider that they are as worthless as ordinary clay pots.
3Even the female jackals/wolves feed their pups, but my people act cruelly toward their children; they are like SIM ostriches in the desert that abandon their eggs.
4My people's infants' tongues cling to the roofs/tops of their mouths because they are extremely thirsty; the children plead for some food, but no one gives them any.
5People who previously ate fine food are now starving in the streets; those who previously lived luxuriously MTY now paw/dig through rubbish heaps to find some food.
6The people of Sodom were struck with a disaster very suddenly, and there was no one to rescue them; but my people have been punished more severely than the people of Sodom were punished.
7Our leaders' behavior was previously very pure, whiter and brighter than snow and milk; their bodies were redder than red coral/stones; they were very strong and healthy MET.
8But now their faces are blacker than soot, and no one recognizes them in the streets. Their skin has shriveled on their bones, and it has become as dry as SIM a wooden stick.
9It is better to die in a battle MTY than to die of hunger. There was no food to harvest in the fields, so the people slowly starved until they died.
10Women who usually/previously were very kind have killed and cooked their own children; they ate them when there was no other food, when Jerusalem was surrounded by enemy soldiers.
11Yahweh has shown that he was extremely angry; it is as though he started/ignited a fire in Jerusalem that burned everything to ashes.
12None of the kings on the earth or anyone else believed that any of our enemies could enter the gates of Jerusalem.
13But that is what happened; it happened because the prophets sinned; and the priests also sinned by causing innocent people to be executed MTY.
14The prophets and priests wandered through the streets as though they were blind. No one would touch them because their clothes were stained with the blood of people who had been killed.
15The people who were alive shouted, “Stay away from us DOU! You are defiled/untouchable! Do not touch us!” So the prophets and priests fled from Israel, and they wandered around from one country to another, because people in each country kept saying to them, “You cannot stay here!”
16It is Yahweh himself who has scattered them; he no longer is concerned about them. People do not respect our priests or leaders.
17We SYN continued to look for someone to help us, but it was useless. We continued to watch to see if one of our allies would save us, but none of the nations that we were waiting for could help us.
18Our enemies were hunting for us, so we could not even walk in our streets lest they seize us. We were about to be captured; it was time for us to be killed.

19Those who pursued us were faster than eagles flying in the sky. Even if we fled to the mountains or hid in the desert, they went there ahead of us and waited to attack us.
20Our king, whom Yahweh appointed, was the one who enabled us to remain alive MTY; he was the one whom we trusted to protect us IDM from the armies of other nations. But he was captured like animals are MET caught in a pit.
21You people of IDM Edom and Uz, you may be happy about what is happening to us now, but Yahweh will be punishing MTY you also. You will become drunk and will be ashamed because your enemies will have stripped off your clothes.
22You people of APO Jerusalem, the time of your being punished will end; Yahweh will not allow you to continue to live in ◄exile/foreign countries►. But you people of APO Edom, Yahweh will punish you; he will reveal the wicked things that you have done.