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Translation for Translators - Job

Job 18

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1Then Bildad replied again:
2“When are you going to stop talking RHQ? If you would stop talking and listen, we could tell you something.
3Why do you think that we are as stupid as cattle? DOU, RHQ
4By being very angry and hurting yourself, do you think that doing that will shake the earth, or cause the rocks in the mountains to move? RHQ?
5What will happen is that the lives of wicked people like you end as quickly as we can put out a light or extinguish the flame of a fire.
6And when the lamps above them in their tents are extinguished, there will be no light in those tents.
7For many years they walked confidently, but later in life it was as though they stumbled and fell, because they themselves did not heed the advice that they gave to others.
8It was as though they walked into their own net or fell into a pit that they themselves have dug.
9It was as though a trap grabbed their heels and held them fast DOU,
10as though the noose of a rope that was hidden on the ground, whose other end was fastened to the limb of a tree, seized them when they walked into it.
11Everywhere they went, there were things that caused them to be terrified; it was as though those things were pursuing them and biting at their heels.
12They became hungry, with the result that they had no strength. They experienced disasters PRS constantly.
13Diseases spread all over their skin/bodies; diseases that ◄caused their bodies to decay/destroyed their arms and legs►.
14When they died, they were snatched away from their tents and brought to the one who rules over the dead.
15Now their tents will burn down, when burning sulfur rains down on those tents!
16Because those who died had no descendants, they were like trees whose roots have dried up and whose branches have all withered MET.
17No one on the earth will remember them anymore; no one on any street will even remember their names MTY.
18They will be expelled from the earth where there is light, and they will be sent into the place where it is dark.

19They will have no children or grandchildren, no descendants where they previously lived.
20People from the east to the west who hear about what happened to them, will be shocked and horrified.
21And that is what happens to ungodly/sinful people like you, to people who ◄have no interest in/have rejected► God.”