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Translation for Translators - Job

Job 7

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1“People need to work hard on this earth, like soldiers do; all during the time that we are alive, we work hard RHQ, like laborers/servants do.
2We are like SIM slaves who keep wanting to be in the cool shade, and we are like SIM workers who are waiting to be paid.
3God has given me many months in which I think that it is useless to remain alive; he has allotted/given to me many nights during which I feel miserable.
4When I lie down at night I say, ‘How long will it be until morning?’ But nights are long, and I ◄toss/turn over and over► on my bed until dawn.
5My body is covered with maggots and scabs; pus oozes out of my open sores.
6My days pass as quickly as a weaver's ◄shuttle/stick that takes the thread back and forth►, and they end without my confidently expecting that things will be better the next day.
7God, do not forget that my life is as short as a breath MET; I think that I SYN will never again be happy.
8God, you SYN see me now, but some day you will not see me anymore. You will search for me, but I will be gone because I will be dead.
9Like SIM clouds ◄disperse/break up► and then disappear, people die and descend to the place where dead people are, and they do not return;
10they never return to their houses, and people among whom they lived do not remember them anymore.
11So, I will not be silent; while I am suffering I will speak; I will complain to God about what has happened to me because I SYN am very angry.
12God, why do you watch closely what I am doing? Do you think that I am a dangerous sea monster?
13When I lie down at night, I think, ‘I will be comforted here on my bed; my pain will be less while I am sleeping.’
14But then you give me dreams that cause me to be afraid; you give me visions that terrify me,
15with the result that I would prefer to be strangled to death than to continue to be alive being only a bunch of bones.
16I detest continuing to be alive; I do not want to live for many years HYP. Allow me to be alone, because I will be alive for only a very short remaining time HYP.
17We human beings are not very important; so, why do you pay a lot of attention to us DOU?
18You look at us every morning to see what we are doing, and examine us every moment to see if we are doing what is right.

19◄When will you stop looking at me and leave me alone for a little time, long enough to swallow my spit?/Please stop looking at me and leave me alone for a little time, long enough to swallow my spit.► RHQ
20Why do you watch me constantly? If I sin, that certainly does not harm you! Why have you set me up like a target to shoot at? Do you consider me to be a heavy load that you are forced to carry?
21If I have sinned, are you not able to forgive me for my sins— the things that I have done that are wrong? Soon I will lie in my grave; you will search for me, but you will not find me because I will be dead and gone.”