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Unlocked Literal Bible - Job

Job 18

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1Then Bildad the Shuhite answered and said,
2“When will you stop your talk? Consider, and afterwards we will speak.
3Why are we regarded as beasts, stupid in your sight?
4You who tear at yourself in your anger, should the earth be forsaken for you or should the rocks be removed out of their places?
5Indeed, the light of the wicked person will be put out; the spark of his fire will not shine.
6The light will be dark in his tent; his lamp above him will be put out.
7The steps of his strength will be made short; his own plans will cast him down.
8For he will be thrown into a net by his own feet; he will walk into a pitfall.
9A trap will take him by the heel; a snare will lay hold on him.
10A noose is hidden for him on the ground; and a trap for him in the way.
11Terrors will make him afraid on every side; they will chase him at his heels.
12His wealth will turn into hunger, and calamity will be ready at his side.
13The parts of his body will be devoured; indeed, the firstborn of death will devour his parts.
14He is torn from the safety of his tent and marched off to the king of terrors.
15People not his own will live in his tent after they see that sulfur is scattered within his home.
16His roots will be dried up beneath; above will his branch be cut off.
17His memory will perish from the earth; he will have no name in the street.
18He will be driven from light into darkness and be chased out of this world.

19He will have no son or son's son among his people, nor any remaining kinfolk where he had stayed.
20Those who live in the west will be horrified at what happens to him one day; those who live in the east will be frightened by it.
21Surely such are the homes of unrighteous people, the places of those who do not know God.”