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Isaac Leeser Tanakh - Job

Job 18

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1Then answered Bildad the Shuchite, and said,
2When will ye at length put an end to words? Come to an understanding, and afterward let us speak.
3For what cause are we counted as beasts, reputed stupid your eyes?
4Thou, the one that teareth himself to pieces in his anger— shall for thy sake the earth be forsaken, and the rock be moved away out of its place?
5Ah, truly the light of the wicked will be quenched, and the spark of his fire shall not give light.
6The light becometh dark in his tent, and his lamp will be quenched above him.
7His powerful steps will be narrowed, and his own counsel will cast him down.
8For he is driven into the net by his own feet, and he taketh his walk upon a snare.
9The trap will seize him by the heel, and the robber will prevail over him.
10The cord is hidden for him in the ground, and a trap is set for him on the pathway.
11All around do terrors scare him, and chase him as he walketh along.
12His first-born will suffer hunger, and calamity will be ready for his wife.
13It will devour the limbs of his body: yea, the first-born of death will devour his limbs.
14Then will be plucked up out of his tent his confidence, and the evil will urge him forward to the king of terrors.
15It will dwell in his tent, because it is no more his: there will be strewed sulphur on his habitation.
16Beneath, his roots will be dried up, and above will his boughs he cut away.
17His resemblance vanisheth from the earth, and no name remaineth for him in the streets.
18Men will thrust him out from light into darkness, and out of the world will they drive him.

19He will have neither son nor grandson among his people, nor any that escapeth in the places of his sojourning.
20Because of his calamitous day are they that come after him astonished, and they that went before are seized with shuddering.
21Yea, such are the dwellings of the unjust, and this is the place of one that knew not God.