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Translation for Translators - Job

Job 41

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1“ Think also about ◄crocodiles/great sea dragons►. Can you catch them with a fishhook or fasten their jaws with a rope?
2Can you put ropes through their noses to control them or thrust hooks through their jaws?
3Will they plead with you to act mercifully toward them or ◄use sweet talk/speak to you nicely► in order that you will not harm them?
4Will they make an agreement with you to work for you, to be your slaves as long as they live?
5Can you cause them to become pets like you cause birds to become your pets? Can you put a leash/rope around their necks so that your servant girls can play with them?
6Will merchants try to buy them in the market? Will they cut them up into pieces and sell the meat?
7Can you pierce their skins by throwing fishing spears at them? Can you pierce their heads with a harpoon?
8If you grab one of them with your hands, it will fight you in a way that you will never forget, and you will never try to do it again!
9It is useless to try to subdue them. Anyone who tries to subdue one of them will lose his courage.
10No one dares/tries to ◄arouse them/cause them to be angry►. So, since I am much more powerful than they are, ◄who would dare to cause me to be angry?/no one would dare to cause me to be angry!► RHQ
11Also, everything on the earth is mine. Therefore, no one RHQ is able to give anything to me and require me to pay money for it!
12I will tell you about how strong crocodiles' legs are and how strong their well-formed bodies are.
13◄Can anyone strip off their hides?/No one is able to strip off their hides.► RHQ ◄Can anyone try to put bridles on them?/No one can try to put bridles on them.► RHQ (OR, Can anyone pierce their very thick hides?)
14◄Can anyone pry open their jaws, which have terrible teeth in them?/No one can pry open their jaws, which have terrible teeth in them!► RHQ
15They have rows of scales on their back which are as hard as a rock (OR, tightly fastened together).
16The scales are very close together, with the result that not even air can get between them.
17The scales are joined very closely to each other, and they cannot be separated.
18When crocodiles sneeze, the tiny drops of water that come out of their noses sparkle in the sunlight. Their eyes are red like the rising sun.

19It is as though sparks of fire pour out of their mouths DOU.
20Smoke pours out of their nostrils/noses like steam comes out of a pot that is put over a fire made from dry reeds.
21Their breath can cause coals to blaze, and flames shoot out from their mouths.
22Their necks are very strong; wherever they go, they cause people to be very afraid.
23The folds in their flesh are very close together and are very hard/firm.
24They are fearless, because the inner parts of their bodies are as hard as a rock, as hard as the lower millstone on which grain is ground.
25When they rise up, they cause even very strong people to be terrified. As a result, people ◄fall back/run away► when crocodiles thrash around.
26People PRS cannot injure them with swords, and spears or darts or javelins cannot injure them, either.
27They certainly are not afraid of weapons made of straw or rotten wood, but they are not even afraid of weapons made of iron or bronze!
28Shooting arrows at them does not cause them to run away. Hurling stones at them from a sling is like hurling bits of chaff at them.
29They are not afraid of clubs anymore than they would be afraid of men throwing bits of straw at them, and they laugh when they hear the whirl/sound of javelins being thrown at them.
30Their bellies are covered with scales that are as sharp as broken pieces of pottery. When they drag themselves through the mud, their bellies tear up the ground like a plow.
31They stir up the water and cause it to foam as they churn/swim through it.
32As they go through the water, the ◄wakes/trails in the water behind them► glisten. People who see it would think that the foam in those wakeshad become white hair.
33There are no creatures on earth that are as fearless as crocodiles.
34They are the proudest of all the creatures; it is as though they rule like kings over all the other wild animals.”