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Isaac Leeser Tanakh - Job

Job 34

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1And Elihu commenced, and said,
2Hear, O ye wise men, my words; and ye that have knowledge, give ear unto me.
3For the ear proveth words, as the palate tasteth the food.
4Let us choose for ourselves what is just: let us acknowledge between ourselves what is good.
5For Job hath said, “I am righteous; and God hath taken away justice from me.
6Should I lie concerning the justice due me? incurable is my wound from the arrow I bear in me without any transgression.”
7What man is there like Job, who drinketh scorning like water,
8And is on the road to keep company with the wrong-doers, and to walk with men of wickedness?
9For he hath said, “It profiteth a man nothing when he acteth according to the pleasure of God.”
10Therefore ye men of sense hearken unto me: far is it from God to practise wickedness; and from the Almighty to do wrong!
11For the work of a son of earth doth he recompense unto him, and according to the path of man doth he permit things to occur to him.
12Yea, surely God will not condemn unjustly, nor will the Almighty pervert justice.
13Who hath given him a charge concerning the earth? or who hath intrusted him the whole world?
14If he were to set his heart upon man, he would gather unto himself his spirit and his breath:
15All flesh would perish together, and the son of earth would return again unto dust.
16If then thou wishest to understand, hear this: give ear to the sound of my words.
17Is it possible that he who hateth justice should govern? or wilt thou condemn the righteous mighty One?
18Is it fit to say to a king, Thou art worthless? and to princes, Ye are wicked?

19Whereas he is one that showeth no favor to chieftains, and distinguisheth not the rich before the indigent; for all of them are the work of his hands.
20In a moment will they die, and in the midst of the night; people are moved, and pass away: and the mighty will be removed without a human hand.
21For big eyes are upon the ways of man, and all his steps doth he see.
22There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the evil-doers can hide themselves.
23For he need not direct his attention a long time upon man, that he should enter into judgment before God.
24He breaketh down mighty men without long searching, and placeth others in their stead.
25For the reason that he knoweth their deeds: therefore he overturneth them in the night, and they are crushed.
26Among wicked men doth he strike them, in the place where many see them:
27Because they have departed from following him, and have not considered all his ways.
28Bringing before them the cry of the indigent, and the cry of the afflicted which he had to hear.
29When he now granteth rest, who will condemn him! and when he hideth his face, who can behold him? whether it be against a nation, or against one man, it is the same:
30That no hypocritical man may reign, that such shall not be a mare to the people.
31For truly it is only fitting to say unto God, “I bear cheerfully, I will not do any wrong;
32What I cannot see myself, do thou truly teach me; if I have done what is unjust, I will do so no more.”
33Should he then according to thy view send a recompense, because thou hast rejected him? “Because thou must choose, and not I?” and what thou knowest, do speak.
34Men of sense will say unto me, and every wise man who heareth me,
35That Job hath not spoken with knowledge, and that his words are without intelligence.
36Oh that Job may therefore be probed continually, in order to give answers against sinful men.

37For he addeth unto his sin transgression: among us he uttereth too many loud words, and multiplieth his speeches against God.