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Geneva Bible 1599 - Job

Job 41

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1None is so fearce that dare stirre him vp. Who is he then that can stand before me?
2Who hath preuented mee that I shoulde make an ende? Al vnder heauen is mine.
3I will not keepe silence concerning his partes, nor his power nor his comely proportion.
4Who can discouer the face of his garmet? or who shall come to him with a double bridle?
5Who shall open the doores of his face? his teeth are fearefull round about.
6The maiestie of his scales is like strog shields, and are sure sealed.
7One is set to another, that no winde can come betweene them.
8One is ioyned to another: they sticke together, that they cannot be sundered.
9His niesings make the light to shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning.
10Out of his mouth go lampes, and sparkes of fire leape out.
11Out of his nostrels commeth out smoke, as out of a boyling pot or caldron.
12His breath maketh the coales burne: for a flame goeth out of his mouth.
13In his necke remayneth strength, and labour is reiected before his face.
14The members of his bodie are ioyned: they are strong in themselues, and cannot be mooued.
15His heart is as strong as a stone, and as hard as the nether milstone.
16The mightie are afrayd of his maiestie, and for feare they faint in themselues.
17When the sword doeth touch him, he will not rise vp, nor for the speare, dart nor habergeon.
18He esteemeth yron as strawe, and brasse as rotten wood.

19The archer canot make him flee: ye stones of the sling are turned into stubble vnto him:
20The dartes are counted as strawe: and hee laugheth at the shaking of the speare.
21Sharpe stones are vnder him, and he spreadeth sharpe things vpon the myre.
22He maketh the depth to boyle like a pot, and maketh the sea like a pot of oyntment.
23He maketh a path to shine after him: one would thinke the depth as an hoare head.
24In the earth there is none like him: hee is made without feare.
25He beholdeth al hie things: he is a King ouer all the children of pride.