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Geneva Bible 1599 - Job

Job 30

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1Bvt now they that are yonger then I, mocke me: yea, they whose fathers I haue refused to set with the dogges of my flockes.
2For whereto shoulde the strength of their handes haue serued mee, seeing age perished in them?
3For pouertie and famine they were solitary, fleeing into the wildernes, which is darke, desolate and waste.
4They cut vp nettels by the bushes, and the iuniper rootes was their meate.
5They were chased forth from among men: they shouted at them, as at a theefe.
6Therfore they dwelt in the clefts of riuers, in the holes of the earth and rockes.
7They roared among the bushes, and vnder the thistles they gathered themselues.
8They were the children of fooles and the children of villaines, which were more vile then the earth.
9And now am I their song, and I am their talke.
10They abhorre me, and flee farre from mee, and spare not to spit in my face.
11Because that God hath loosed my corde and humbled mee, they haue loosed the bridle before me.
12The youth rise vp at my right hand: they haue pusht my feete, and haue trode on me as on the paths of their destruction.
13They haue destroyed my paths: they tooke pleasure at my calamitie, they had none helpe.
14They came as a great breach of waters, and vnder this calamitie they come on heapes.
15Feare is turned vpon mee: and they pursue my soule as the winde, and mine health passeth away as a cloude.
16Therefore my soule is nowe powred out vpon me, and the dayes of affliction haue taken holde on me.
17It pearceth my bones in the night, and my sinewes take no rest.
18For the great vehemencie is my garment changed, which compasseth me about as the colar of my coate.

19He hath cast me into the myre, and I am become like ashes and dust.
20Whe I cry vnto thee, thou doest not heare me, neither regardest me, when I stand vp.
21Thou turnest thy selfe cruelly against me, and art enemie vnto mee with the strength of thine hand.
22Thou takest me vp and causest mee to ride vpon the winde, and makest my strength to faile.
23Surely I knowe that thou wilt bring mee to death, and to the house appoynted for all the liuing.
24Doubtles none can stretch his hand vnto the graue, though they cry in his destruction.
25Did not I weepe with him that was in trouble? was not my soule in heauinesse for the poore?
26Yet when I looked for good, euill came vnto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkenesse.
27My bowels did boyle without rest: for the dayes of affliction are come vpon me.
28I went mourning without sunne: I stood vp in the congregation and cryed.
29I am a brother to the dragons, and a companion to the ostriches.
30My skinne is blacke vpon me, and my bones are burnt with heate.
31Therefore mine harpe is turned to mourning, and mine organs into the voyce of them that weepe.