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Free Bible Version - Proverbs

Proverbs 18

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1Selfish people only please themselves, they attack anything that makes good sense.
2Stupid people have no interest in trying to understand, they only want to express their opinions.
3With wickedness comes contempt; with dishonor comes disgrace.
4People's words can be profound like deep waters, a gushing stream that is the source of wisdom.
5It's not right to show favoritism to the guilty and rob the innocent of justice.
6What stupid people say gets them into fights, as if they're asking for a beating.
7Stupid people are caught out by what they say; their own words trap them.
8Listening to gossip is like gulping down bites of your favorite food—they go deep down inside you.
9Laziness and destruction are brothers.
10The Lord is a protective tower that good people can run to and be safe.
11Rich people see their wealth as a fortified town—it's like a high wall in their imagination.
12Pride leads to destruction; humility goes before honor.
13Replying before hearing is stupidity and shame.
14With a brave spirit you can put up with sickness, but if it's crushed, you can't bear it.
15An intelligent mind acquires knowledge; the wise are ready to hear knowledge.
16A gift opens doors for you, and gets you into the presence of important people.
17The first person to plead a case sounds right until someone comes to cross-examine them.
18Casting lots can end disputes and decide between powerful people.

19A brother you've offended is harder to win back than a fortified town. Arguments keep people apart like bars on the doors of a fortress.
20Make sure you're satisfied with what you say—you have to live with your words.
21What you say has the power to bring life or to kill; those who love talking will have to deal with the consequences.
22If you find a wife, that's great, and you'll be blessed by the Lord.
23The poor beg for mercy, but the rich reply harshly.
24Some friends give up on you, but there's a friend who stays closer to you than a brother.