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Free Bible Version - Proverbs

Proverbs 13

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1A wise son accepts his father's discipline, but a mocker doesn't listen to correction.
2You'll be rewarded for saying good things, but dishonest people want violence.
3Watch what you say and save your life—saying too much leads to disaster.
4Lazy people want a lot, but get nothing; if you work hard you'll be well rewarded.
5Good people hate lies, but the wicked cause a stink and bring disgrace.
6Goodness protects those who live right, but sin overcomes the wicked.
7Some pretend to be rich, but don't have anything, while others pretend to be poor and are very rich.
8The rich can pay a ransom to save their lives, but the poor aren't troubled in this way.
9The life of good people shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out.
10Pride only causes conflict; but those who take advice are wise.
11Wealth gained by fraud quickly disappears, but those who gather bit by bit prosper.
12Hope that's delayed makes you feel sick, but a wish that comes true revives you.
13If you despise words of advice, you'll pay for it; but if you respect what you're told, you'll be rewarded.
14The teaching of the wise is like a fountain of life, so you can avoid the snares of death.
15Good sense earns appreciation, but the way of the unfaithful is hard.
16All wise people act intelligently, but stupid people demonstrate their stupidity.
17A bad messenger creates trouble, but a faithful representative brings healing.
18Poverty and disgrace come to those who ignore instruction, but those who accept correction are honored.

19It's nice to see a wish come true, but stupid people hate to turn away from evil to achieve this.
20Being friends with wise people will make you wise, but being friends with stupid people will only cause you problems.
21Tragedy chases after the sinner, but prosperity rewards the good.
22Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the sinner's wealth is saved for those who live right.
23The unploughed ground of the poor could produce a lot of food, but it's stolen through injustice.
24People who don't discipline their children hate them. Those who love their children carefully discipline them.
25The good eat until they're full; but the belly of the wicked is empty.