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Free Bible Version - Proverbs

Proverbs 27

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1Don't boast about what you're going to do tomorrow, because you don't know what the day may bring.
2Let others praise you, not you yourself; someone else, not you personally.
3Stone may be heavy, and sand may weigh a lot, but the annoyance caused by stupid people is the biggest burden of all.
4Fury may be fierce and cruel, anger may be a destructive flood, but who can withstand jealousy?
5Open criticism is better than hidden love.
6A friend's honest comments may hurt you, but an enemy's kisses are over the top.
7If you're full up, you can't face honey; but if you're starving, even bitter food tastes sweet.
8Having to leave home is like a bird having to leave its nest.
9Perfume and scented oils make you feel happy, but good advice from a friend is even better.
10Don't give up on your friends or your family's friends. Don't go to a relative's house when you've got trouble. A friend nearby is more useful than a relative far away.
11My son, make me happy by being wise, so I can respond to anyone who criticizes me.
12If you're sensible you see danger coming and get out of the way; but stupid people just keep going and suffer the consequences.
13If someone guarantees a stranger's debt with their cloak, be sure to take it! Make sure you have whatever is pledged to an immoral woman!
14If when you get up every morning you shout a loud hello to your neighbors, they will see that as a curse!
15An argumentative wife is as irritating as constant dripping on a rainy day.
16Trying to stop her is like trying to make the wind stop or trying to hold olive oil in your hand.
17An iron blade is sharpened with an iron tool, and one person's mind is sharpened by another's.
18Those who care for a fig tree eat its fruit, and those who care for their master are rewarded.

19Just as water reflects your face, your mind reflects who you really are.
20In the same way that the grave and destruction are never satisfied, human desire is never satisfied.
21Just as a crucible tests silver, and a furnace tests gold, people are tested by the praise they receive.
22Even if you ground stupid people in a mortar, crushing them like grain with the pestle, you can't get rid of stupidity from them.
23You should know the condition of your flocks really well and take good care of your herds,
24for wealth doesn't last forever—is a crown passed down through all generations?
25Once the hay is cut, and the new growth begins, and fodder from the mountains is gathered,
26and the lambs have provided you wool to make clothing, and the sale of goats have paid for a field,
27there'll be enough milk from your goats to feed you, your family, and your servant girls.