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Free Bible Version - Proverbs

Proverbs 19

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1Better to be poor but honest than stupid and tell lies.
2It's not good to be someone who doesn't think. If you rush, things go wrong.
3People mess up their lives by their own stupidity, and then get angry with the Lord.
4If you're rich, you get a lot of friends, but if you're poor, you lose any friends you had.
5A false witness will be punished; liars won't get away with their lies.
6Many ask favors from important people, and everyone's a friend of the generous.
7If a poor man's relatives can't stand him, how much more will his friends avoid him! He tries to talk with them but they don't listen.
8If you become wise, you have good self-esteem; if you learn good sense you'll be successful.
9A false witness will be punished; people who tell lies will perish.
10It's not right for stupid people to live in luxury, and it's even worse for a slave to rule over leaders.
11If you have good sense you'll be slow to get angry; you gain respect by forgiving wrongs.
12When a king gets angry, he sounds like a roaring lion; but his kindness is as soft as dew on the grass.
13A stupid son makes his father miserable, and an argumentative wife is like dripping that never stops.
14You inherit a house and wealth from your father, but a sensible wife is a gift from the Lord.
15Lazy people are often fast asleep, but idleness means they're hungry.
16Keep the commandments, and you'll live; despise them and you'll die.
17If you're kind to the poor, you're lending to the Lord, and he will repay you well for what you've done.
18Discipline your son while there's still hope, but don't kill him.

19People who often get angry have to pay the penalty; if you help them, you'll have to do it again.
20Listen to advice and accept instruction so that you'll eventually become wise.
21Human beings make many plans in their minds, but the final decision is the Lord's.
22The most desirable thing in anyone is trustworthy love; it is better to be poor than a liar.
23Honoring the Lord is life, and you will rest contentedly, safe from harm.
24Lazy people put their hands in a dish, and won't even lift the food to their mouths.
25If you punish someone who mocks, you may help an immature person to learn. Correct the wise, and they become wiser.
26A son who abuses his father and chases away his mother brings shame and disgrace.
27My son, stop listening to my instruction and you'll soon give up following wisdom.
28A crooked witness makes a mockery of justice; and the wicked wolf down evil.
29Punishment is ready for those who mock; flogging is ready for the backs of the stupid.