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Free Bible Version - Proverbs

Proverbs 17

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1Better to eat a dry scrap in peace than to feast in a house full of people arguing.
2A servant who acts wisely will be put in charge of a disgraced son, and will share the family inheritance with the brothers.
3A crucible tests silver, and a furnace tests gold, but the Lord tests the attitude of mind.
4Evil people listen to spiteful talk, and liars pay attention to malicious words.
5Anyone who oppresses the poor insults their Maker, and anyone who enjoys the suffering of others will be punished.
6Old people are proud of their grandchildren, and children are proud of their parents.
7Fine words don't suit stupid people, how much less are lies suited to a ruler.
8Whoever gives a bribe thinks it's a magical stone—that wherever they turn they'll have success!
9If you forgive a wrong you encourage friendship, but if you keep talking about it you'll lose your friend.
10A reprimand hits a thinking person more than one hundred blows hit someone stupid.
11Evil people are only looking to rebel, so a cruel messenger will be sent to attack them.
12Better to meet a she-bear robbed of her cubs than a stupid person and their foolishness.
13If you repay evil for good, evil will never leave your house.
14The beginning of a quarrel is like the first leak in a water dam, so drop it before a major argument bursts out.
15The Lord hates it when the wicked are acquitted and the innocent condemned.
16Is there any point in stupid people trying to buy wisdom when they don't want to learn?
17A true friend is always there to love you, and family provides help when troubles come.
18It's not a wise idea to make a pledge and guarantee a neighbor's debt.

19People who love sin like to argue; those who build high gates invite destruction.
20People with warped minds don't succeed; those who tell lies get into trouble.
21A stupid son brings grief to his father; the father of a child who does stupid things has no joy.
22A cheerful attitude is like good medicine, but discouragement makes you sick.
23The wicked take hidden bribes to pervert the course of justice.
24Sensible people focus on wisdom, but the eyes of stupid people are always wandering.
25A stupid son brings grief to his father and sadness to his mother who gave birth to him.
26It's not right to impose a fine on someone who's innocent or to flog good leaders for their honesty.
27If you're wise, you'll be careful what you say; and if you're sensible, you'll keep your temper.
28Even stupid people who keep quiet are considered wise; if they don't say anything they appear intelligent.