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Free Bible Version - Proverbs

Proverbs 15

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1A kind reply wards off anger, but hurtful words make people mad.
2What wise people say makes knowledge attractive, but stupid people talk a lot of nonsense.
3The Lord sees everywhere, watching the evil and the good.
4Gentle words are a source of life, but telling lies does a lot of damage.
5Only a foolish son despises his father's instruction, but one who accepts correction is sensible.
6There's plenty of treasure where good people live, but the income of the wicked brings them trouble.
7Wise people share their knowledge, but stupid people don't think like that.
8The Lord hates the sacrifices of the wicked, but he loves the prayers of the good.
9The Lord hates the ways of the wicked, but he loves those who do what is right.
10If you leave the right path you will be severely disciplined; anyone who hates correction will die.
11Those already dead have no secrets from the Lord—how much more does he know our thoughts!
12Scoffers don't like to be corrected, so they don't go to the wise for advice.
13If you're happy inside, you'll have a cheerful face, but if you're sad, you look crushed.
14An insightful mind looks for knowledge, but stupid people feed on foolishness.
15The life of poor people is hard, but if you stay cheerful, it's a continual feast.
16It's better to respect the Lord and only have a little than to have plenty of money and the trouble that comes with it.
17Better a dinner of vegetables where there's love than eating meat with hatred.
18Short-tempered people stir up trouble, but those slow to anger calm things down.

19The way of lazy people is overgrown with thorns, but the path of the good is an open highway.
20A wise son makes his father happy, but a stupid man despises his mother.
21Stupidity makes people with no sense happy, but sensible people do what is right.
22Plans fall apart without good advice, but with plenty of advisors they're successful.
23A good answer makes people happy—it's great to say the right thing at the right moment!
24Life's path for the wise leads upwards, so that they can avoid the grave below.
25The Lord pulls down the house of the proud, but he protects the boundaries of the widow's property.
26The Lord hates the thoughts of the wicked, but he honors the words of the pure.
27People greedy for ill-gotten gains make trouble for their families, but those who hate bribes will live.
28Good people think how best to answer questions, but stupid people say all kinds of evil things.
29The Lord keeps his distance from the wicked, but he hears the prayers of the good.
30Bright eyes make you happy, and good news makes you feel good.
31If you pay attention to positive advice you'll be one of the wise.
32If you ignore instruction you have no self-esteem, but if you listen to correction you gain understanding.
33Respect for the Lord teaches wisdom; humility goes before honor.