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Plain English Version - Genesis

Genesis 6

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1The people on the earth kept having lots of kids, and these kids grew up and kept having more kids, so after some time there were lots of people on the earth. Some people had very pretty daughters.
2There were some men that everyone called the Sons of God. They looked at the pretty young women, then they picked out the ones they wanted, and they married them.
3God looked at everything that was happening. He said, “I gave people their breath, but I will not let it stay in them for ever. They are just people. They will live for only 120 years.”
4Those men called the Sons of God slept with the pretty women that they married, like men do with their wives, and then those women had kids called Nephalim. These kids grew up to be big, strong fighting men. They were the great fighters in the stories of a long time ago.
5God looked at the people on the earth, and he saw them doing lots of bad things. He knew the way the people were thinking. They were thinking bad things all the time. God saw that the people were very bad.
6So God was feeling sad. He really felt no good inside. He thought to himself, “I made all these people, and now they make me really sad.”
7And God said, “These people keep doing bad things, and this makes me really sad. I’m sorry that I made them. I’m sorry I made everything on the earth. I want to finish up everything. I want to kill all the people I made, and I want to kill all the animals on earth, the big animals, and the little animals, and even the animals that crawl around on the ground, and I want to kill all the birds that fly in the sky.”
8But God looked at the man called Noah, and God saw that he was a good man. He didn’t do anything wrong. God was happy with him. Noah was God’s good friend, and he spent a lot of time with God.
10This is the story about Noah. He had 3 sons called Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Everyone on the earth kept doing bad things. They were doing wrong to each other, and fighting and hurting each other. God looked down and saw all the bad things that were going on. The people were always doing things that were really bad. God talked to Noah, he said, “Look, everyone is doing bad things. I’m going to kill all these bad people, and I will finish up everything on this earth.”
14Then God said, “Noah, you make a really big boat for yourself. Make it out of that strong wood called cypress. Make some rooms in the boat. And get some tar and paint the inside of the boat, and paint the outside too. This will keep the water out of the boat.
15Listen, Noah, this is how big I want you to make the boat. It has to be 140 metres long, and 23 metres wide, and 13½ metres high.
16I want you to make a window at the top of the boat. Put it right around the top of the boat. Make that window ½ metre high. Put one door in the side of the boat. And make 3 floors in the boat, one floor on the bottom and the other 2 floors upstairs.
17You see, soon I will bring a lot of flood water, and it will cover the whole earth. Everything will die. Everything that breathes air, and that lives on the earth or flies in the sky, will die.
18But don’t you worry, Noah. Don’t be frightened. I’m making a strong promise to you, that I will look after you. I will look after you, and your wife, and all your kids, and their wives too. You all have to go into that boat.
19And you have to bring lots of animals into that boat too. Every kind of animal that is on the earth has to go into that boat, so that they will stay alive in the big flood. Get one male and one female of each kind of those animals, and take them into the boat with you. You see, you have to keep those animals alive.
20And the same for all those different kinds of birds. Get one male and one female of all of those birds. And the same for all those animals that crawl around on the ground. You have to get one male and one female of all those animals too. All these animals will come right up to you, and you have to make sure that you look after them properly so that they stay alive.
21And you have to gather up lots of food, all the kinds of food that people eat, and all the things that those animals eat too. You have to put it all in the boat, so that you will all have enough tucker.”
22Then Noah did everything that God told him to do. He did everything just like God said.