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Free Bible Version - Ezekiel

Ezekiel 19

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1Sing this funeral song for the princes of Israel
2with these words: “What was your mother? She was a lioness among the lions! She lay down in her place among the young lions and reared her cubs.
3She raised one of her cubs, and he grew up to be young lion. Once he had learned how to tear up his prey, he started eating people.
4But when the nations heard about him, he was caught in their trap. They used hooks to drag him away to Egypt.
5When she realized that the hope she had been waiting for was gone, she made another of her cubs into a young lion.
6He went around with the other lions, and became strong. Once he had learned how to tear up his prey, he started eating people.
7He tore down their fortresses and destroyed their towns. All the people living in the country were appalled when they heard him roaring.
8Then the people of the countries all around attacked him. They threw their net over him; he was caught in their trap.
9They used hooks to put him in a cage and took him to the king of Babylon. They led him away and imprisoned him so his roar wasn't heard any more in Israel's mountains.
10Your mother was like a vine planted in your vineyard at the waterside. It produced a lot of fruit and had many branches because it had plenty of water.
11Its branches were strong like rulers' scepters. It grew high above the tree canopy. People could see how tall and full of leaves it was.
12But it was uprooted in anger and thrown down on the ground. The east wind blew and dried up its fruit. Its strong branches were stripped of leaves and they withered. Then they were burned up in the fire.
13Now the vine has been replanted in the desert, in a dry and waterless land.
14A fire blazed out from its main trunk and burned up its fruit. None of its branches that were once like a ruler's scepter are strong any more.” This is a funeral song and is to be used for mourning.