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Wycliffe Bible - Exodus

Exodus 36

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1Therfor Beseleel, and Ooliab, and ech wijs man, to whiche the Lord yaf wisdom and vndurstondyng, that thei kouden worche crafteli, maden thingis that weren nedeful in to vsis of seyntuarie, and whiche the Lord comaundide to be maad.
2And whanne Moises hadde clepid hem, and ech lerned man, to whom the Lord hadde youe wisdom and kunnyng, and whiche profriden hem bi her wille to make werk,
3he bitook to hem alle the yiftis of the sones of Israel. And whanne thei weren bisi in the werk ech dai, the puple offride auowis eerli.
4Wherfor the werkmen weren compellid to come,
5and thei seiden to Moises, The puple offrith more than is nedeful.
6Therfor Moises comaundide to be cried bi the vois of a criere, Nether man nether womman offre more ony thing in the werk of seyntuarie; and so it was ceessid fro yiftis to be offrid, for the thingis offrid sufficiden,
7and weren ouer abundant.
8And alle wise men in herte to fille the werk of the tabernacle maden ten curteyns of bijs foldid ayen, and of iacynct, and purpur, and of reed selk twies died, bi dyuerse werk, and bi the craft of many colouris.
9Of whiche curteyns oon hadde in lengthe eiyte and twenti cubitis, and foure cubitis in breede; o mesure was of alle curteyns.
10And he ioynede fyue curteyns oon to anothir, and he couplide othere fyue to hem silf to gidere;
11and he made handlis of iacynt in the hemme of o curteyn on euer either side,
12and in lijk maner in the hemme of the tother curteyn, that the handlis schulen comen to gidere ayens hem silf, and schulen be ioyned togider;
13wherfor he yettide also fifti goldun serclis, that schulen `bite the handlis of curteyns; and o tabernacle was maad.
14`He made also enleuene saies of the heeris of geet, to hile the roof of the tabernacle;
15o saie hadde thretti cubitis in lengthe, foure cubitis in breede; alle the saies weren of o mesure;
16of whiche saies he ioynede fyue bi hem silf, and sixe othere bi hem silf.
17And he made fifti handlis in the hemme of o say, and fifti in the hemme of the tother say, that tho schulden be ioyned to hem silf to gidere; and he made fifti bokelis of bras bi whiche
18the roof was fastned to gidere, that oon hilyng were maad of alle the saies.

19He made also an hilyng of the tabernacle of the skynnes of rammes maad reed, and another veil aboue of skynnes of iacynt.
20He made also stondynge tablis of the tabernacle of the trees of Sechym;
21the lengthe of o table was of ten cubitis, and the breede helde o cubit and an half.
22Twey dentyngis weren bi ech table, that the oon schulde be ioyned to the tother; so he made in al the tablis of the tabernacle.
23Of whiche tablis twenti weren at the mydday coost ayens the south,
24with fourti foundementis of siluer; twey foundementis weren set vndur o table on euer either side of the corneris, where the dentyngis of the sidis weren endid in the corneris.
25And at the coost of the tabernacle that biholdith to the north he made twenti tablis,
26with fourti foundementis of siluer, twei foundementis bi ech table.
27Forsothe ayens the west he made sixe tablis,
28and tweyne othere tablis bi ech corner of the tabernacle bihinde,
29whiche weren ioyned fro bynethe til to aboue, and weren borun in to o ioynyng to gidere; so he made on euer either part bi the corneris,
30that tho weren eiyte tablis to gidere, and hadden sixtene foundementis of siluer, that is, twei foundementis vndur ech table.
31He made also barris of the trees of Sechym, fyue barris to holde to gidere the tablis of o side of the tabernacle,
32and fyue othere barris to schappe to gidere the tablis of the tother side; and without these, he made fyue othere barris at the west coost of the tabernacle ayens the see.
33He made also another barre, that schulde come bi the myddil tables fro corner til to corner.
34Forsothe he ouergildide tho wallis of tablis, and yetide the siluerne foundementis `of tho, and he made the goldun serclis `of tho, bi whiche the barris myyten be brouyt in, and be hilide the same barris with goldun platis.
35He made also a veil dyuerse and departid, of iacynt, and purpur, and reed selk, and bijs foldid ayen bi werk of broiderie.
36He made also foure pileris of `the trees of Sechym, whyche pileris with the heedis he ouergildide, and yetide the siluerne foundementis `of tho.

37He made also in the entryng of the tabernacle a tent of iacynt, and purpur, and reed selk `and bijs foldid ayen bi the werk of a broydreie.
38And he made fyue pileris with her heedis, whiche he hilide with gold, and he yetide the brasun foundementis `of tho, whiche he hilide with gold.