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Wycliffe Bible - Exodus

Exodus 20

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1And the Lord spak alle these wordis, Y am thi Lord God,
2that ladde thee out of the lond of Egipt, fro the hous of seruage.
3Thou schalt not haue alien goddis bifore me.
4Thou schalt not make to thee a grauun ymage, nethir ony licnesse of thing which is in heuene aboue, and which is in erthe bynethe, nether of tho thingis, that ben in watris vndur erthe; thou schalt not `herie tho,
5nether `thou schalt worschipe; for Y am thi Lord God, a stronge gelouse louyere; and Y visite the wickidnesse of fadris in to the thridde and the fourthe generacioun of hem that haten me,
6and Y do mercy in to `a thousynde, to hem that louen me, and kepen myn heestis.
7Thou schalt not take in veyn the name of thi Lord God, for the Lord schal not haue hym giltles, that takith in veyn the name of his Lord God.
8Haue thou mynde, that thou halowe the `dai of the sabat;
9in sixe daies thou schalt worche and schalt do alle thi werkis;
10forsothe in the seuenthe day is the sabat of thi Lord God; thou schalt not do ony werk, thou, and thi sone, and thi douytir, and thi seruaunt, and thin handmaide, thi werk beeste, and the comelyng which is withynne thi yatis;
11for in sixe dayes God made heuene and erthe, the see, and alle thingis that ben in tho, and restide in the seuenthe dai; herfor the Lord blesside the `dai of the sabat, and halewide it.
12Onoure thi fadir and thi moder, that thou be long lyuyng on the lond, which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee.
13Thou schalt not sle.
14Thou schalt `do no letcherie.
15Thou schalt `do no theft.
16Thou schalt not speke fals witnessyng ayens thi neiybore.
17Thou schalt not coueyte `the hous of thi neiybore, nether thou schalt desyre his wijf, not seruaunt, not handmaide, not oxe, not asse, nether alle thingis that ben hise.
18Forsothe al the puple herde voices, and siy laumpis, and the sowne of a clarioun, and the hil smokynge; and thei weren afeerd, and schakun with inward drede, and stoden afer,

19and seiden to Moises, Speke thou to vs, and we schulen here; the Lord speke not to vs, lest perauenture we dien.
20And Moises seide to the puple, Nyle ye drede, for God cam to proue you, and that his drede schulde be in you, and that ye schulden not do synne.
21And the puple stood afer; forsothe Moises neiyede to the derknesse, wherynne God was.
22And the Lord seide ferthermore to Moises, Thou schalt seie these thingis to the sones of Israel, Ye seiyen that fro heuene Y spak to you;
23ye schulen not make goddis of silver, nethir ye schulen make to you goddis of gold.
24Ye schulen make an auter of erthe to me, and ye schulen offre theronne youre brent sacrifices, and pesible sacrifices, youre scheep, and oxun, in ech place in which the mynde of my name schal be; Y schal come to thee, and Y schal blesse thee.
25That if thou schalt make an auter of stoon to me, thou schalt not bilde it of stoonys hewun; for if thou schalt reise thi knyif theronne, it schal be `polluted, ether defoulid.
26Thou schalt not stye bi grees to myn auter, lest thi filthe be schewid.