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Isaac Leeser Tanakh - Proverbs

Proverbs 29

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1A man that, having received many admonitions, still hardeneth his neck, will suddenly be broken, and this without remedy.
2When the righteous are in authority, the people will rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people groan.
3The man that loveth wisdom causeth his father to rejoice; but he that keepeth company with harlots wasteth his wealth.
4A king will through the exercise of justice establish the welfare of a land; but one that loveth gifts overthroweth it.
5A man that flattereth his neighbor spreadeth a net for his steps.
6In the transgression of a man there is an evil snare: but the righteous ever singeth and rejoiceth.
7The righteous considereth the cause of the indigent: but the wicked will not understand the knowledge of justice.
8Scornful men will kindle confusion in a town; but the wise turn away wrath.
9If a wise man contend with a foolish man, whether he be angry or whether he laugh, he will have no rest.
10Men of blood hate the guiltless one; but the upright seek to preserve his life.
11A fool uttereth all his mind; but the wise holdeth it back.
12If a ruler listen to the word of falsehood, all his servants become wicked.
13The poor and the man of exactions meet together: the Lord enlighteneth the eyes of both of them.
14When a king judgeth in truth the indigent, his throne shall stand firmly for ever.
15The rod and reproof impart wisdom; but a lad abandoned to himself bringeth shame on his mother.
16With the increase of the wicked transgression increaseth; but the righteous shall yet look on their downfall.
17Correct thy son, and he will procure thee rest: yea, he will give delight unto thy soul.
18Without a prophetic vision a people become unruly; but when it observeth the law, then will it be happy.

19Not with words alone can a servant be corrected; for though he understand, there will be no response.
20Seest then a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope for a fool than for him.
21If one rear his servant delicately from his youth, then will he at length become as his son.
22A man of anger stirreth up strife; and a man of fury aboundeth in transgression.
23The pride of a man will humble him; but the humble in spirit will attain to honor.
24Whoso divideth with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth the adjuration and dareth not to tell.
25The dread of man bringeth a snare; but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord will be upheld in safety.
26Many seek the favor of a ruler; but from the Lord cometh justice for man.
27An abomination of the righteous is an unjust man: and an abomination of the wicked is one who is upright in his way.