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Geneva Bible 1599 - 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 2

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1These are the sonnes of Israel, Reuben, Simeon, Leui and Iudah, Isshachar, and Zebulun,
2Dan, Ioseph, and Beniamin, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.
3The sonnes of Iudah, Er, and Onan, and Shelah. these three were borne to him of ye daughter of Shua the Canaanite: but Er the eldest sonne of Iudah was euil in the sight of the Lord, and he slew him.
4And Thamar his daughter in law bare him Pharez, and Zerah: so al the sonnes of Iudah were fiue.
5The sonnes of Pharez, Hezron and Hamul.
6The sonnes also of Zerah were Zimri, and Ethan, and Heman, and Calcol, and Dara, which were fiue in all.
7And the sonne of Carmi, Achar that troubled Israel, transgressing in the thing excommunicate.
8The sonne also of Ethan, Azariah.
9And the sonnes of Hezron that were borne vnto him, Ierahmeel, and Ram and Chelubai.
10And Ram begate Aminadab, and Aminadab begate Nahshon prince of the children of Iudah,
11And Nahshon begate Salma, and Salma begate Boaz,
12And Boaz begate Obed, and Obed begate Ishai,
13And Ishai begate his eldest sonne Eliab, and Abinadab the second, and Shimma the third,
14Nathaneel the fourth, Raddai the fift,
15Ozem the sixt, and Dauid the seuenth.
16Whose sisters were Zeruiah and Abigail. And the sonnes of Zeruiah, Abishai, and Ioab, and Asahel.
17And Abigail bare Amasa: and the father of Amasa was Iether an Ishmeelite.
18And Caleb the sonne of Hezron begate Ierioth of Azubah his wife, and her sonnes are these, Iesher, and Shobab, and Ardon.

19And when Azubah was dead, Caleb tooke vnto him Ephrath, which bare him Hur.
20And Hur begate Vri, and Vri begate Bezaleel.
21And afterward came Hezron to the daughter of Machir the father of Gilead, and tooke her when hee was threescore yere olde, and shee bare him Segub.
22And Segub begate Iair, which had three and twentie cities in the land of Gilead.
23And Gesthur with Aram tooke the townes of Iair from them, and Kenath and the townes thereof, euen threescore cities. All these were the sonnes of Machir the father of Gilead.
24And after that Hezron was dead at Caleb Ephratah, then Abiah Hezrons wife bare him also Ashur the father of Tekoa.
25And ye sonnes of Ierahmeel the eldest sone of Hezron were Ram the eldest, then Bunah, and Oren and Ozen and Ahiiah.
26Also Ierahmeel had another wife named Atarah, which was the mother of Onam.
27And the sonnes of Ram the eldest sonne of Ierahmeel were Maaz, and Iamin and Ekar.
28And the sonnes of Onam were Shammai and Iada. And the sonnes of Shammai, Nadab and Abishur.
29And the name of the wife of Abishur was called Abiahil, and shee bare him Ahban and Molid.
30The sonnes also of Nadab were Seled and Appaim: but Seled died without children.
31And the sonne of Appaim was Ishi, and the sonne of Ishi, Sheshan, and the sonne of Sheshan, Ahlai.
32And the sonnes of Iada the brother of Shammai were Iether and Ionathan: but Iether dyed without children.
33And the sonnes of Ionathan were Peleth and Zaza. These were the sonnes of Ierahmeel.
34And Sheshan had no sonnes, but daughters. And Sheshan had a seruant that was an Egyptian named Iarha.
35And Sheshan gaue his daughter to Iarha his seruant to wife, and she bare him Attai.
36And Attai begate Nathan, and Nathan begate Zabad,

37And Zabad begate Ephlal, and Ephlal begate Obed,
38And Obed begate Iehu, and Iehu begate Azariah,
39And Azariah begate Helez, and Helez begate Eleasah,
40And Eleasah begate Sisamai, and Sisamai begate Shallum,
41And Shallum begate Iekamiah, and Iekamiah begate Elishama.
42Also the sonnes of Caleb the brother of Ierahmeel, were Mesha his eldest sonne, which was the father of Ziph: and the sonnes of Mareshah the father of Hebron.
43And the sonnes of Hebron were Korah and Tappuah, and Rekem and Shema.
44And Shema begate Raham the father of Iorkoam: and Rekem begate Shammai.
45The sonne also of Shammai was Maon: and Maon was the father of Beth-zur.
46And Ephah a concubine of Caleb bare Haran and Moza, and Gazez: Haran also begate Gazez.
47The sonnes of Iahdai were Regem, and Iotham, and Geshan, and Pelet, and Ephah, and Shaaph.
48Calebs concubine Maachah bare Sheber and Tirhanah.
49She bare also Shaaph, the father of Madmannah, and Sheua the father of Machbenah, and the father of Gibea. And Achsah was Calebs daughter.
50These were the sonnes of Caleb the sone of Hur the eldest sonne of Ephrathah, Shobal the father of Kiriath-iearim.
51Salma the father of Beth-lehem, and Hareph the father of Beth-gader.
52And Shobal the father of Kiriath-iearim had sonnes, and he was the ouerseer of halfe Hammenoth.
53And the families of Kiriath-iearim were the Ithrites, and the Puthites, and the Shumathites, and ye Mishraites of them came the Zarreathites, and the Eshtaulites.
54The sonnes of Salma of Beth-lehem, and the Netophathite, the crownes of the house of Ioab, and halfe the Manahthites and the Zorites.

55And the families of the Scribes dwelling at Iabez, the Tirathites, the Shimmeathites, the Shuchathites, which are the Kenites, that came of Hammath the father of the house of Rechab.