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LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012 - Job

Job 35

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1And Elius resumed and said,
2What is this that you think to be according to right? who are you that you have said, I am righteous before the Lord?
3I will answer you, and your three friends.
4Look up to the sky and see; and consider the clouds, how high they are above you.
5If you have sinned, what will you do?
6and if too you have transgressed much, what can you perform?
7And suppose you are righteous, what will you give him? or what shall he receive of your hand?
8Your ungodliness may affect a man who is like to you; or your righteousness a son of man.
9They that are oppressed of a multitude will be ready to cry out; they will call for help because of the arm of many.
10But none said, Where is God that made me, who appoints the night-watches;
11who makes me to differ from the four-footed beasts of the earth, and from the birds of the sky?
12There they shall cry, and none shall listen, even because of the insolence of wicked men.
13For the Lord desires not to look on error, for he is the Almighty One.
14He beholds them that perform lawless deeds, and he will save me: and do you plead before him, if you can praise him, as it is possible even now.
15For he is not now regarding his wrath, nor has he noticed severely any trespass.
16Yet Job vainly opens his mouth, in ignorance he multiplies words.