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LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012 - Job

Job 32

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1And his three friends also ceased any longer to answer Job: for Job was righteous before them.
2Then Elius the son of Barachiel, the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram, of the country of Ausis, was angered: and he was very angry with Job, because he justified himself before the Lord.
3And he was also very angry with his three friends, because they were not able to return answers to Job, yet set him down for an ungodly man.
4But Elius had forborne to give an answer to Job, because they were older than he.
5And Elius saw that there was no answer in the mouth of the three men; and he was angered in his wrath.
6And Elius the Buzite the son of Barachiel answered and said, I am younger in age, and you° are elder, therefore I kept silence, fearing to declare to you my own knowledge.
7And I said, It is not time that speaks, though in many years men know wisdom:
8but there is a spirit in mortals; and the inspiration of the Almighty is that which teaches.
9The long-lived are not wise as such; neither do the aged know judgment.
10Therefore I said, Hear me, and I will tell you what I know.
11Listen to my words; for I will speak in your hearing, until you° shall have tried the matter with words:
12and I shall understand as far as you; and, behold, there was no one of you that answered Job his words in argument,
13lest you° should say, We have found that we have added wisdom to the Lord.
14And you° have commissioned a man to speak such words.
15They were afraid, they answered no longer; they gave up their speaking.
16I waited, (for I had not spoken,) because they stood still, they answered not.
17And Elius continued, and said, I will again speak,
18for I am full of words, for the spirit of my belly destroys me.

19And my belly is as a skin of sweet wine, bound up and ready to burst; or as a brazier's laboring bellows.
20I will speak, that I may open my lips and relieve myself.
21For truly I will not be awed because of man, nor indeed will I be confounded before a mortal.
22For I know not how to respect persons: and if otherwise, even the moths would eat me.