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Translation for Translators - James

James 4

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1Now I will tell you why you are fighting among yourselves and quarreling with each other RHQ. It is RHQ because each of you wants to do evil things PRS. You keep on wanting to do things that are not what God wants you to do.
2There are things that you very much desire to have, but you do not get those things, so you want to kill HYP those who hinder you from getting them. You desire what other people have, but you are unable to get what you desire, so you quarrel and fight with one another HYP. You do not have what you desire because you do not ask God for it.
3And even when you do ask him, he does not give you what you ask for because you are asking for the wrong reason. You are asking for things in order that you may use them just to ◄enjoy yourselves/make yourselves happy►.
4Like a woman who is unfaithful to her husband, you are being unfaithful to God and not obeying him anymore MET. Those who are behaving as evil people do MTY (OR, Those who love the evil pleasures of this world) are hostile toward God. Perhaps you do not realize that RHQ. So those who decide to act as evil people do MTY become enemies of God.
5◄Surely you remember that God told us in the Scriptures that he eagerly desires that his Spirit, who lives in us, will help us to love God only!/Do you think that it is for no reason that God told us in the Scriptures that he strongly desires that his Spirit, who lives in us, will help us to love God only?► RHQ God has a reason for desiring that.
6It is because he is kind to us and he wants very much to help us. That is why ◄someone said/ King Solomon wrote► in the Scriptures, “God opposes those who are proud, but he helps those who are humble.”
7So submit yourselves to God. ◄Resist the devil/Refuse to do what the devil wants►, and as a result he will run away from you.
8Come near spiritually to God, and as a result he will come near to you. You who are sinners, stop doing what is wrong, and do only what is good SYN, MET. You who cannot decide whether you will ◄ commit yourselves to God/obey God completely►, stop thinking wrong thoughts, and think only pure thoughts MTY.
9Be sorrowful and weep/mourn DOU because of the wrong things that you have done. Do not laugh DOU, ◄ enjoying only what you selfishly/enjoying only what you yourselves► desire. Instead, be sad because you have done what is wrong.
10Humble yourselves before the Lord, and as a result he will honor you.
11My fellow believers, stop saying evil things about one another, because those who say something evil about a fellow believer and are therefore condemning one who is like a brother to them are really speaking against the law that God gave us to obey. In this law, God commanded MTY us to love others, and those who say evil things about fellow believers, it is as though they are saying that we do not have to do what God commanded. If you (sg) say that you do not have to do what God commanded, you (sg) are not obeying God's law. Instead, you (sg) are claiming that you have the authority to condemn others.
12But in fact, there is only one who has the authority to tell people what is right to do and to condemn them, and that is God. He alone is able to save people or to destroy people. So, ◄you (sg) certainly have no right to decide how God should punish other people./who are you to decide how God should punish other people?► RHQ
13Some of you are arrogantly saying, “Today or tomorrow we will go to a certain city. We will spend a year there and we will buy and sell things and earn a lot of money.” Now, you listen to me!
14You should not talk like that, because you do not know what will happen tomorrow, and you do not know how long you will live! Your life is short MET, like a mist that appears for a short time and then disappears.
15Instead of what you are saying, you should say, “If the Lord wills/desires, we will live and do this or that.”
16But what you are doing is boasting about all the things that you arrogantly plan to do. Your boasting like that is evil.
17So if anyone knows the right thing that he should do, but he does not do it, he is sinning.