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Translation for Translators - Ezekiel

Ezekiel 2

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1He said to me, “You human, stand up while I speak to you.”
2While he spoke to me, God's Spirit entered me and enabled me to stand up. Then I heard him speak to me.
3He said, “You human, I will send you to the Israeli people. They are people who have turned away from me and rebelled against me. Their ancestors rebelled against me, and they themselves are still rebelling against me.
4The people to whom I will send you are very stubborn DOU. But say to them, ‘This is what Yahweh the Lord says to you.’
5And when you tell them my messages, perhaps those rebellious people will heed those messages and perhaps they will not heed them, but they will know that you are a prophet who has been among them.
6And you human, you must not be afraid of them or afraid of what they say. Living among them will be like living in the midst of briers or scorpions, but do not be afraid of them. They are rebellious people MTY, but do not allow them to cause you to become afraid.
7Tell them my message, but do not expect them to pay attention to it, because they are very rebellious.
8But human, you must pay attention to what I say. Do not be rebellious like they are. Now open your mouth and eat what I give to you.”
9Then, as I watched, I saw his hand that was stretched toward me. In his hand was a scroll.
10He unrolled the scroll. On both sides of it were written words that expressed sorrow and mourning and words about trouble/disaster.