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Translation for Translators - Ezekiel

Ezekiel 41

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1Then in the vision the man brought me to into the Holy Place in the temple and measured the walls on each side of the doorway of that room: They were about ◄10-1/2 feet/3.3 meters► thick.
2The entrance was ◄17-1/2 feet/5.3 meters► wide, and the walls of each side of it were ◄8-3/4 feet/2.6 meters► wide. He also measured the Holy Place, it was ◄70 feet/21.4 meters► long and ◄35 feet/10.7 meters► wide.
3Then he entered the inner room of the temple and measured the walls of the entrance; each was ◄3-1/2 feet/1.1 meter► thick. The doorway was ◄10-1/2 feet/3.3 meters► wide, and the walls on each side of the entrance were ◄12-1/4 feet/3.7 meters► long.
4Then he measured the inner room: It was ◄35 feet/10.7 meters► long and ◄35 feet/10.7 meters► wide. He said to me, “This is the Very Holy Place.”
5Then he measured the wall of the temple: It was ◄10-1/2 feet/3.3 meters► thick. There was a row of rooms along the outside wall of the temple. Each of those rooms was ◄7 feet/2.1 meters► wide.
6There were three levels of rooms, one above the other. There were thirty rooms on each level. There were ledges all around the wall of the temple that were supports for those side rooms; so those supports were not built into the wall of the temple.
7Each of those side rooms was wider than the one below it. The most narrow rooms were built first, at the bottom. Then a wider set of rooms was built over it, and the widest set was at the top. A set of stairs was built from the lowest level through the middle level to the highest level.
8I saw that there was a terrace (OR, raised platform) around the temple. The terrace was the foundation for those side rooms; it was ◄10-1/2 feet/3.3 meters► high.
9The outer wall of those side rooms was ◄8-3/4 feet/2.6 meters► thick. All around those side rooms there was an open area that was ◄35 feet/10.6 meters► wide.
10There was a row of rooms for the priests on each side of the outer wall of the inner courtyard.
11There were two doors from those side rooms into another open area; one faced north and one faced south. That open area was ◄8-3/4 feet/2.6 meters► wide.
12There was a large building on the west side of the temple area. It was ◄122-1/2 feet/37.1 meters► wide and ◄157-1/2 feet/47.7 meters► long. And its walls were also ◄8-3/4 feet/2.6 meters► thick.
13Then the man measured the temple. It was ◄175 feet/53 meters► long, and the temple courtyard, where the large building was, including its walls was also ◄175 feet/53 meters► wide.
14The courtyard on the east side of the temple, across the front of the temple, was also ◄175 feet/53 meters► wide.
15Then he measured the building on the west side. Including its walls it was also ◄175 feet/53 meters► wide. The outer walls of the Holy Place, the Very Holy Place, and the entry room,
16the inner walls above and below the windows, and the frames of the windows were all covered with thin panels of wood.
17All the walls inside the temple were decorated with carvings of winged creatures and palm trees: Between each figure of a winged creature was a carving of a palm tree. Each winged creature had two faces:
18One was a face of a human, and one was the face of a lion. Those figures were carved on the walls all around the inside of the temple.

20They covered all the walls, from the floor to the top of the walls.
21At the entrance to the Holy Place of the temple there were square doorposts. In front of the Very Holy Place there was something that resembled
22a wooden altar. It was ◄5.2 feet/1.6 meters► high and ◄3-1/2 feet/1.1 meters► wide on all four sides. Its corners and base and sides were all made of wood. The man said to me, “This is the table that is in the presence of Yahweh.”
23The Holy Place and the Very Holy Place had double doors.
24Each doorway had two doors that swung on hinges.
25On the doors of the Holy Place there were carvings of winged creatures and palm trees, like those on the walls of the Holy Place. There was also a wooden roof over the front of the entry room of the temple.
26On the side walls of the entry room were narrow windows with figures of palm trees carved on the sides of the windows. The side rooms around the temple also had roofs.