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Translation for Translators - Ezekiel

Ezekiel 47

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1Then, in the vision, the man brought me back to the entrance of the temple. There I saw water flowing out from under the entrance, flowing toward the east. The water was flowing from under the south side of the entrance, south of the altar.
2Then the man brought me out of the inner courtyard through the north entryway, and then he led me around to the outer entryway on the east side of the inner courtyard.
3As the man continued walking toward the east, he had a measuring line in his hand. He measured off ◄1,750 feet/530 meters►, and then led me through water that covered my ankles.
4Then he measured off another ◄1,750 feet/530 meters► and led me through water that was up to my knees. Then he measured off another ◄1,750 feet/530 meters► and led me through water that was up to my waist.
5Then he measured off another ◄1,750 feet/530 meters► and led me through water that had become a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen very high, with the result that it would be necessary to swim across it. It was a river that no one could cross by walking across it.
6Then he said to me, “You human, think carefully about what you have seen.”
7Then he led me to the bank of that river. There I saw many trees growing on each side of the river.
8He said to me, “This water flows east and down into the Dead Sea. And when it flows into the Dead Sea, its salty water becomes fresh.
9Wherever the river flows, there will be lots of animals and fish. And there will be lots of fish in the Dead Sea, because the water that flows into it will cause the salt water to become ◄fresh water/water that people can drink►. Wherever the river flows, everything alongside it will flourish.
10Fishermen will stand along the bank of the Dead Sea to catch fish. From En-Gedi on the western side to En-Eglaim on the eastern side there will be places for fishermen to spread their fishing nets. There will be many kinds of fish, like there are in the Mediterranean Sea.
11But the swamps and marshes along the shore will not become fresh; they will be left to the people to use make salt.
12Many kinds of fruit trees will grow on both sides of the river. Their leaves will not wither, and they will always have fruit. They will bear fruit every month, because they will continually get water from the water that comes from the temple. Their fruit will be good to eat and their leaves will be good for healing.”
13In the vision, Yahweh also said this to me: “Here is a list of the twelve tribes of Israel and the territory that each tribe must receive. The descendants of Joseph will receive two portions; the tribe of Levi will not receive any.
14I lifted up my arm and solemnly declared to your ancestors that I would give you this land to own permanently. So divide the land equally among all of the other tribes.
15These will be the boundaries of the land: On the north side, it will extend from the Mediterranean Sea east along the road to Hethlon, past Lebo-Hamath to Zedad,
16to the cities of Berothah and Sibraim, which are on the border between Damascus and Hamath. From there the boundary will extend as far as the city of Hazer-Hatticon, which is on the border of the Hauran region.
17So the boundary will extend from the Mediterranean Sea to the city of Hazar-Enan on the border between Hamath to the north and Damascus to the south. That will be the northern boundary.
18On the east side, the boundary will extend between Hauran and Damascus, south along the Jordan River between the Gilead region and the land of Israel, along the Dead Sea as far as the town of Tamar. That will be the eastern boundary.

19On the south side, the boundary will extend from Tamar southwest to the springs near the town of Meribah-Kadesh. Then the boundary will extend west along the dry riverbed at the border of Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea. That will be the southern boundary.
20On the west side, the boundary will be the Mediterranean Sea, north to near Lebo-Hamath.
21You must distribute this land among yourselves, among the tribes of Israel.
22You must allot the land to be a permanent possession for yourselves, and also to be a permanent possession of any foreigners who are living among you and raising their children. You must consider those people to be like you who were born Israelis, and they must be allotted land among the tribes of Israel.
23Wherever foreigners are living, you must give them some land to belong to them permanently. That is what I, Yahweh the Lord, declare.”