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Translation for Translators - Ezekiel

Ezekiel 24

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1Almost nine years after we had been taken to Babylonia, on the tenth day of the tenth month of that year, Yahweh gave me this message:
2“You human, write down what day of the month this is. On this day the army ofthe King of Babylon has surrounded Jerusalem.
3Tell those rebellious Israeli people MTY in Babylon a parable. Say this to them: This is what Yahweh the Lord says: ‘Pour water into the cooking pot and put the pot on the fire.
4Put into the pot some pieces of meat from one of your best sheep: Put in the leg and shoulder, which are the best pieces. Then fill the rest of the pot with the best bones.
5Pile wood on the fire, and cook the bones and the meat in the boiling water.’
6Do that because this is what Yahweh the Lord says: ‘Terrible things will happen to Jerusalem; it is city that is full of murderers MTY, a city that is like MET a scorched pot whose black residue inside cannot be removed. Take the pieces of meat out of the pot, but do not choose which pieces to take out.
7The blood of the people who were murdered in Jerusalem is still there; they were murdered on the bare rocks, not on the soil, where their blood could be covered.
8But I am the one who caused the blood of those who were murdered MTY to be smeared on the bare rock, where their blood could not be covered; I did that in order that I could see it and then be angry and get revenge.’
9Therefore, this is what I, Yahweh the Lord say: ‘Terrible things will happen to that city that is full of murderers MTY! It will be as though I also will pile high the wood in the fire.
10So, heap on the wood and light the fire! Cook the meat well, and mix some spices with it; cook it until the bones are charred.
11Then set the empty pot on the coals of the fire until the pot becomes very hot and the copper glows, with the result that the impurities and the rust will be burned up.
12It is as though I tried to get rid of that rust, but I was not able to do it, not even by putting that pot in a fire.
13The rust in the pot represents your immoral behavior. I tried to cleanse you from your wicked behavior, but you did not allow me to do that. So you will not cleansed from the guilt of your sin until I have punished you and I am no longer angry.
14I, Yahweh, have said that I will surely punish you. And it is time for me to do that. I will not change my mind; I will not refrain from punishing you, and I will not pity you. I will judge you and punish you as you deserve to be punished for your sinful behavior. That will surely happen because I, Yahweh the Lord, have said it.’ ”
15One day Yahweh gave me this message:
16“You human, I am going to suddenly take from you your wife, whom you love very much. But when she dies, do not show that you are sad or lament or cry.
17Groan quietly; do not cry openly for her. Keep your turban wrapped around your head, and instead of being barefoot, keep your sandals on your feet. Do not cover the lower part of your face to show that you are sad. And do not eat the kind of food that people who are mourning usually eat.”
18So one morning I talked to the people as usual, and that evening my wife suddenly died. The next morning I did what Yahweh had told me to do.

19Then the people asked me, “What do the things that you are doing signify to us?”
20So I said to them, “ This is what Yahweh told me:
21‘Tell the Israeli people MTY that I am about to destroy the temple, the building that you are very proud of, the building that you delight to look at. Your children whom you left in Jerusalem when you were forced to come to Babylon will be killed by their enemies' swords.
22When that happens, you will do like I have done: You will not cover the lower part of your faces, or eat the kinds of food that people who are mourning usually eat.
23You will keep your turbans wrapped around your heads and keep your sandals on your feet. You will not mourn or cry, but your bodies will become very thin and slowly die because of your sins. And you will groan to each other.
24Ezekiel will be a warning to you, and you must do what he has done. When that happens, you will know that I, Yahweh the Lord have the power to do what I say that I will do.’ ”
25Then Yahweh said to me, “You human, soon I will destroy their sacred temple, which they rejoice about and which they respect and delight to look at, and I will get rid of their sons and daughters also.
26On that day, someone will escape from Jerusalem and come and tell you what has happened there.
27When that happens, you will be able to speak again MTY without constraint. You two will talk together DOU. You will be a warning to the people; and they will know that I, Yahweh the Lord, have the power to do what I say that I will do.”