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Translation for Translators - 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 29

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1Then King David said to all the people who had gathered there, “My son Solomon, the one whom God has chosen to be the next king, is young and does not have much experience. This work of building the temple is great/important, because this glorious building will not be to honor people, but to honor Yahweh our God.
2From all the things that I possess, I have provided what will be needed to build the temple of my God—the gold for the things to be made of gold, the silver for the things to be made of silver, bronze for the things to be made of bronze, iron for the things to be made of iron, wood for the things to be made of wood, and large amounts of onyx and turquoise and other valuable stones of various colors, and marble and all kinds of valuable stones.
3In addition to all these things that I have given for the temple, I am giving treasures of gold and silver, because I very much desire that this holy temple for my God be built.
4I am giving 110 tons of gold from Ophir and 260 tons of refined silver to cover the walls of the buildings,
5for making the other items of gold and silver, and for the other work to be done by the craftsmen. So now, I ask you, are there others willing to show by contributing other gifts for the building of the temple EUP that they have dedicated themselves to Yahweh?”
6Then the leaders of the families/clans, the leaders of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of 1,000 soldiers and the commanders of 100 soldiers, and the officials who supervised the work that the king wanted done, gave gifts ◄willingly/because they wanted to give them►.
7For the work at the temple they gave 190 tons and ◄185 pounds/84 kg.► of gold, 375 tons of silver, 675 tons of bronze, and 3,750 tons of iron.
8And any people who owned valuable stones gave them to be put in the storeroom of the temple. Jehiel, a descendant of Gershon, was appointed to be in charge of them.
9The people were happy to see that their leaders wanted to give those things, because they knew that their leaders were happy and enthusiastic to give those things to Yahweh. And King David also was very happy.
10Then, while all the people there were listening, David prayed, saying, “We praise you, Yahweh, the God whom our ancestor Jacob worshiped. We will praise you forever!
11You alone are great and powerful; only you are truly glorious and majestic and wonderful. And that is true because everything in heaven and on the earth is yours. You are the king of all the people in this world; you are the ruler of everything.
12Because you are very powerful DOU, you are able to cause anyone to be great and strong.
13So now, our God, we thank you, and we praise you MTY for being very great.
14But my people and I are not really able to give anything to you, because everything that we have comes from you, and what we have given to you are only the things that we have received from you MTY.
15In this land we are like MET foreigners and strangers, like our ancestors were. Our time here on this earth is like SIM a shadow that disappears quickly; we know that there is nothing that can enable us to escape dying.
16Yahweh our God, we have gathered all these things to use in building your MTY temple, but all of it really belongs to you, and you have given it to us MTY.
17My God, I know that you test us people, and you are pleased if you find out that we do what is right. All these things I have given to you because I wanted to. And now I have seen that your people have also joyfully and generously given things to you.
18Yahweh, the God whom our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worshiped, I desire/hope that your people will continue to desire to do things like this forever, and that they will always be loyal to you.

19And now, please enable my son Solomon to faithfully and sincerely DOU obey your commands and laws and decrees DOU and to do everything that is needed to build this beautiful building for which I have provided all these things.”
20Then David said to all the people who were gathered there, “Praise Yahweh our God!” So they all praised Yahweh the God whom their ancestors ◄ also worshiped/belonged to►. They prostrated themselves on the ground in front of Yahweh and in front of the king.
21The next day the people offered sacrifices to Yahweh. They presented many animals to be completely burned on the altar: A thousand bulls, a thousand rams, a thousand male sheep, plus offerings of wine, and many other sacrifices on behalf of all the people of Israel.
22On that day the people were joyful and ate and drank while Yahweh was watching. Then for the second time they declared that Solomon was now the king. While Yahweh was watching, they anointed him with olive oil to be the king, and they anointed Zadok to be the Supreme Priest.
23So Solomon sat on the throne because Yahweh wanted him to be the king to succeed his father David. During the following years Solomon prospered, and all the Israeli people obeyed him.
24King David's other sons and all the officers and mighty warriors accepted Solomon as their king, and they solemnly promised to obey him.
25Yahweh caused Solomon to be highly respected by all the Israeli people, and they honored him very much. No king of Israel was honored as much as Solomon was.
26Jesse's son David was the king who ruled all of Israel.
27He ruled for forty years: Seven years in Hebron city and thirty-three years in Jerusalem.
28He became an old man who was very rich and greatly honored by all the people. Then he died, and his son Solomon became the king of Israel.
29A record of all the things that King David did while he ruled, from the beginning to the end, was put on scrolls written by the prophets Samuel, Nathan, and Gad.
30They told about his powerful rule HEN, and all the things that happened to him and to the people of Israel and in the nearby kingdoms while he was ruling Israel.