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Translation for Translators - 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 17

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1After David began to live in his palace, he said to the prophet Nathan, “ It does not seem right that I am here living in a palace made of cedar wood, but Yahweh's Sacred Chest is kept inside a tent!”
2Nathan replied to David, “Whatever you are thinking about doing, do it, because God is with/guiding you.”
3But that night God spoke MTY to Nathan. He said,
4“Go and tell my servant David that this is what I, Yahweh, am saying to him: ‘You are not the one who should build a temple for me to live in.
5I have not lived in any building, from the day that I brought the people of Israel up out of Egypt until now. Instead, I have lived in a tent, moving from one place to another with the Israelis when they moved to other places DOU.
6Wherever I went with all the Israelis as they traveled, I never RHQ said to any of their leaders whom I appointed to lead MET them, “Why have you not built me a temple made of cedar wood?”’
7Therefore, this is what you should say to my servant David: ‘I, the Almighty Commander of the armies of angels, took you from a pasture where you were taking care of sheep, and I appointed you to be the ruler of my Israeli people.
8I have ◄been with/helped► you wherever you have gone, and I have gotten rid of all your enemies as you advanced. And now I will cause you to become very famous, as well-known as the names of the greatest men who have ever lived on the earth.
9Formerly, during the time that I appointed leaders for my Israeli people, many violent groups oppressed them. But this will not happen anymore. I have chosen a place where my Israeli people can live peacefully and no one will disturb them anymore. I will give notallow them to be attacked by their enemies. And I will defeat all your enemies. I declare to you that I, Yahweh, will enable your descendants to rule after you die.
11When your life ends EUP, and you die and go to be with your ancestors who have died, I will appoint one of your sons to become king, and I will enable his kingdom to ◄be strong/resist all their enemies►.
12He is the one who will arrange for a temple to be built for me. And I will enable his descendants to be kings MTY of Israel forever.
13I will be like a father to him, and it will be as though he is a son to me. I stopped loving Saul, the one who was the king before you became king, but I will never stop loving your son.
14I will cause him to rule over my people MTY, and his kingdom will endure forever DOU.’ ”
15So Nathan reported to David everything that Yahweh had revealed to him.
16Then David went into the Sacred Tent and sat in the presence of Yahweh, and prayed this: “Yahweh my God, I am certainly not RHQ worthy for you to have done all these things for me, and my family is not worthy, either.
17And O God, now, in addition to everything else, you have spoken about what will happen to my descendants in the future for many generations. Yahweh my God, you have acted toward me as though I was the most important man on the earth!
18What more can I, David, say to you for honoring me? Although you know very well what I am like,
19Yahweh, for my sake and because it is what you wanted to do, you have done these great things for me, and you have revealed to me these things that you are promising to do.

20Yahweh, you are great. There is no one like you. Only you are God, which is what we have always heard.
21And there is no nation in the world like Israel RHQ. Israel is the only nation on the earth whose people you rescued. You performed great and awesome miracles, rescuing our ancestors from being slaves in Egypt, and expelling the people of other people-groups who were in Canaan.
22You have caused us your Israeli people to belong to you forever, and you, Yahweh, have become our God!
23And now Yahweh, I pray that you will cause the things that you have promised to do for me and my descendants MTY to be fulfilled forever.
24When that happens, you MTY will be famous forever. And people will exclaim, ‘The Almighty Commander of the armies of angels, is the God who rules Israel!’ And you will cause that forever there will be descendants MTY of mine who will rule.
25You, my God, have revealed to me that you will cause some of my descendants to become kings. So I am brave enough to pray like this to you.
26Yahweh, you are God! You have promised to do these good things for me.
27And now you, Yahweh, have promised to bless my descendants MTY, in order that they will continue to rule forever. That will happen because you, Yahweh, are the one who has blessed them, and you will keep blessing them forever.”