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Translation for Translators - 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 28

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1David summoned all the leaders of Israel to come to Jerusalem. He summoned the leaders of the tribes, the leaders/commanders of the groups that worked for the king, the commanders of 100 soldiers, the commanders of 1,000 soldiers, those who were in charge of the property and livestock that belonged to the king and his sons, all the palace officials, and his mighty soldiers and bravest warriors.
2David stood up and said, “My fellow Israelis, listen to me. I wanted IDM to build a temple to be a place where we would put the Sacred Chest of Yahweh, where it would stay permanently. And I made plans to build it.
3But God said to me, ‘You are not the one who will arrange to build a temple for me MTY, because you are a warrior and you have killed many people MTY in battles.’
4But Yahweh, the God to whom we Israelis belong, had chosen me and my descendants to be the kings of Israel forever. First he chose the tribe of Judah, and from the people MTY of Judah he chose my family, and from my father's sons he chose me to be the king over all of Israel.
5Yahweh has given me many sons, but from them he chose my son Solomon to be the next king to rule MTY the kingdom of Israel.
6He said to me, ‘Solomon your son is the one who will arrange to build my temple and the courtyards around it, because I have chosen him to be like my son and I will be like MET his father.
7I will enable his kingdom to endure forever if he continues to obey my laws and commands, like you are doing now.’
8So now, while all you people of Israel, all of you who belong to Yahweh, are watching, and while God is listening, I command you leaders to carefully obey all the commands of Yahweh our God, in order that you may continue to possess this good land and enable your descendants to inherit it forever.
9And you, my son Solomon, must know God like I know him, and you must serve him faithfully and because you want to. You must do that because he knows what everyone is thinking and he understands the reasons that people do what they do. If you seek to know him, he will heed your prayers. But if you abandon/reject him, he will abandon/reject you forever.
10Yahweh has chosen you to arrange to build a temple for him. So think about what I have said, and be strong and do what he is wanting you to do.”
11Then David gave to his son Solomon the scroll on which were written the plans for the main rooms of the temple, its porch, its storerooms, all the other upper and lower rooms, and the Very Holy Place where God would forgive the sins that people had committed.
12David wrote for him the plans that God's Spirit had put into his mind for building the courtyards and all the rooms that surrounded the temple, including the room where the money and other valuable things that were dedicated to God would be kept.
13He gave Solomon instructions for the groups of priests and other descendants of Levi, about all the work that they must do to serve in Yahweh's temple, and about taking care of all the things that would be used in the work at the temple.
14He wrote down how much gold and how much silver should be used to make all the items in the temple:
15how much gold for making the gold lampstands and the lamps, how much silver to make the silver lamps and lampstands,
16how much gold for making the table on which the priests would put the sacred bread, how much silver to use to make the other tables,
17how much pure gold for the meat forks and the bowls and the cups, how much gold for each gold dish, how much silver for each silver dish,
18and how much pure gold to make the altar for burning incense. He also gave to Solomon his plans for making the golden statues of winged creatures that would be above the Sacred Chest of Yahweh, like a chariot for him.

19Then David said, “I have written all these plans while Yahweh was directing MTY me. He has enabled me to understand all the details of his plan for the temple that is to be built.”
20David also said to his son Solomon, “Be strong and courageous, and do this work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, because Yahweh our God will be with/helping you. He will not fail to help you or abandon you until you finish all the work of making his temple.
21The groups of priests and other descendants of Levi are ready to begin their work at the temple, and every man who has a special skill will help you in all the work. And my officials and the other people will obey you, whatever you command them to do.”