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LXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012 - Kings II

Kings II 9

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1And David said, Is there yet any one left in the house of Saul, that I may deal kindly with him for Jonathan's sake?
2And there was a servant of the house of Saul, and his name was Siba: and they call him to David; and the king said to him, Are you Siba? and he said, I am your servant.
3And the king said, Is there yet a man left of the house of Saul, that I may act towards him with the mercy of God? and Siba said to the king, There is yet a son of Jonathan, lame of his feet.
4And the king said, Where is he? and Siba said to the king, Behold, he is in the house of Machir the son of Amiel of Lodabar.
5And king David went, and took him out of the house of Machir the son Amiel of Lodabar.
6And Memphibosthe the son of Jonathan the son of Saul comes to the king David, and he fell upon his face and did obeisance to him: and David said to him, Memphibosthe: and he said, Behold your servant.
7And David said to him, Fear not, for I will surely deal mercifully with you for the sake of Jonathan your father, and I will restore to you all the land of Saul the father of your father; and you shall eat bread at my table continually.
8And Memphibosthe did obeisance, and said, Who am I your servant, that you have looked upon a dead dog like me?
9And the king called Siba the servant of Saul, and said to him, All that belonged to Saul and to all his house have I given to the son of your lord.
10And you, and your sons, and your servants, shall till the land for him; and you shall bring in bread to the son of your lord, and he shall eat bread: and Memphibosthe the son of your lord shall eat bread continually at my table. Now Siba had fifteen sons and twenty servants.
11And Siba said to the king, According to all that my lord the king has commanded his servant, so will your servant do. And Memphibosthe did eat at the table of David, as one of the sons of the king.
12And Memphibosthe had a little son, and his name was Micha: and all the household of Siba were servants to Memphibosthe.
13And Memphibosthe lived in Jerusalem, for he continually ate at the table of the king; and he was lame in both his feet.