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LXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012 - Kings II

Kings II 4

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1And Jebosthe the son of Saul heard that Abenner the son of Ner had died in Chebron; and his hands were paralysed, and all the men of Israel grew faint.
2And Jebosthe the son of Saul had two men that were captains of bands: the name of the one was Baana, and the name of the other Rechab, sons of Remmon the Berothite of the children of Benjamin; for Beroth was reckoned to the children of Benjamin.
3And the Berothites ran away to Gethaim, and were sojourners there until this day.
4And Jonathan Saul's son had a son lame of his feet, five years old, and he was in the way when the news of Saul and Jonathan his son came from Jezrael, and his nurse took him up, and fled; and it came to pass as he hasted and retreated, that he fell, and was lamed. And his name was Memphibosthe.
5And Rechab and Baana the sons of Remmon the Berothite went, and they came in the heat of the day into the house of Jebosthe; and he was sleeping on a bed at noon.
6And, behold, the porter of the house winnowed wheat, and he slumbered and slept: and the brothers Rechab and Baana went privily into the house:
7And Jebosthe was sleeping on his bed in his chamber: and they strike him, and kill him, and take off his head: and they took his head, and went all the night by the western road.
8And they brought the head of Jebosthe to David to Chebron, and they said to the king, Behold the head of Jebosthe the son of Saul your enemy, who sought your life; and the Lord has executed for my lord the king vengeance on his enemies, as it is this day: even on Saul your enemy, and on his seed.
9And David answered and Rechab and Baana his brother, the sons of Remmon the Berothite, and said to them, As the Lord lives, who has redeemed my soul out of all affliction;
10he that reported to me that Saul was dead, even he was as one bringing glad tidings before me: but I seized him and killed him in Sekelac, to whom I ought, as he thought, to have given a reward for his tidings.
11And now evil men have slain a righteous men in his house on his bed: now then I will require his blood of your hand, and I will destroy you from off the earth.
12And David commanded his young men, and they kill them, and cut off their hands and their feet; and they hung them up at the fountain in Chebron: and they buried the head of Jebosthe in the tomb of Abenezer the son of Ner.