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Translation for Translators - Zephaniah

Zephaniah 3

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1Terrible things will also happen to Jerusalem, that city whose people have rebelled against Yahweh and who have become unacceptable to him because of the sins that they have committed. They act violently toward others and they ◄oppress/treat cruelly► other people.
2The people there do not pay attention to people who tell them the wrong things that they are doing and try to ◄correct them/cause them to quit doing those things►. The people in Jerusalem do not trust in Yahweh or draw near to ask help from their God.
3Their leaders are like MET roaring lions; they are like MET wolves that attack other animals during the evening, and eat everything that they kill, with the result that the next morning there is nothing left of those animals to eat.
4The prophets in Jerusalem are proud, and they give messages that are not to be trusted. Their priests cause the temple to be unholy by doing things that are opposed to the laws of Moses.
5But Yahweh is also in the city; and he never does what is wrong. He treats people justly/fairly; he does that every day, but wicked people are never ashamed about their doing what is wrong.
6Yahweh says this: “I have destroyed many nations; I have destroyed their strong/high city walls and towers. Now I have caused the streets in those cities to be completely deserted DOU; the cities are ruined. There are no people still alive in the cities; they are all dead LIT.
7So I thought to myself, ‘ Because of what I have done to those other nations, surely the people of Jerusalem will revere me now, and they will accept ◄my correcting them/my telling them to quit doing what is wrong►. If they do that, I will not destroy their houses; I will not punish them like I said that I would do.’ But in spite of knowing how I punished those other nations, they were still eager to get up early each morning and continue to do evil things.
8Therefore I, Yahweh, say, ‘Wait for the day in which I will testify in court about your evil things.’ I have decided to gather the people of the kingdoms of the earth DOU and cause them to know that I am very angry with them. All over the earth I will punish and destroy people; my being angry with them because I ◄am jealous/want people to worship no other god► is like MET a ◄raging/very hot► fire.
9When that happens, I will cause all people MTY to be changed and enable them to speak only what is ◄pure/pleasing to me►, in order that everyone can worship me MTY and unitedly/together serve me MTY.
10Then my people who were forced to go to other countries, those who live along the upper part of the Nile River in Ethiopia will come to me and bring offerings to me.
11At that time, you people in Jerusalem will no longer be ashamed about what has happened to you, because you no longer will be rebelling against me. I will get rid of all the people among you who are very proud DOU. No one on Zion, my holy hill, will strut around proudly.
12Those who are still alive in Israel will be poor and humble; they will be people who trust in me MTY.
13Those people who are still alive there in Israel will not do things that are wrong; they will not tell lies or deceive MTY people. They will eat and sleep safely, because no one will cause them to be afraid.”
14You people who live in Jerusalem DOU and other places in Israel, sing and shout loudly! Be glad, and rejoice DOU greatly,
15because Yahweh will stop punishing MTY you, and he will send away from you the armies of your enemies! And Yahweh himself, the king of us Israeli people, will live among us, and never again will we be afraid that others will harm us.
16At that time, other people will say to us people of Jerusalem, “ You people of APO Jerusalem, do not be afraid; do not become afraid or discouraged,
17because Yahweh your God is living among you. He is mighty, and he will rescue/save you. He will be very happy with you; because he loves you, he will cause you to not be afraid; he will sing loudly to rejoice over you.”
18Yahweh says, “You people were sad and ashamed because you were unable to attend your religious festivals; but I will cause you to no longer be disgraced.

19Truly, I will severely punish all those who ◄oppressed you/caused you to suffer►. I will rescue those who are helpless and those who were forced to go to other countries. I will enable them to be praised and honored in every country to which they were ◄exiled/forced to go►, places where they were disgraced.
20At that time, I will gather you together and bring you back home to Israel. I will cause you to ◄have a good reputation/be honored► and be greatly praised among all the nations of the earth. You MTY will see me causing you to prosper again. That will surely happen because I, Yahweh, have said it.”