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LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012 - Sophonias

Sophonias 3

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1This is the scornful city that dwells securely, that says in her heart, I am, and there is no longer any to be after me: how is she become desolate, a habitation of wild beasts! every one that passes through her shall hiss, and shake his hands. Alas the glorious and ransomed city.
2The dove listened not to the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the Lord, and she drew not near to her God.
3Her princes within her were as roaring lions, her judges as the wolves of Arabia; they remained not till the morrow.
4Her prophets are light and scornful men: her priests profane the holy things, and sinfully transgress the law.
5But the just Lord is in the midst of her, and he will never do an unjust thing: morning by morning he will bring out his judgment to the light, and it is not hidden, and he knows not injustice by extortion, nor injustice in strife.
6I have brought down the proud with destruction; their corners are destroyed: I will make their ways completely waste, so that none shall go through: their cities are come to an end, by reason of no man living or dwelling in them.
7I said, But do you° fear me, and receive instruction, and you° shall not be cut off from the face of the land for all the vengeance I have brought upon her: prepare you, rise early: all their produce is spoilt.
8Therefore wait upon me, says the Lord, until the day when I rise up for a witness: because my judgment shall be on the gatherings of the nations, to draw to me kings, to pour out upon them all my fierce anger: for the whole earth shall be consumed with the fire of my jealousy.
9For then will I turn to the peoples a tongue for her generation, that all may call on the name of the Lord, to serve him under one yoke.
10From the boundaries of the rivers of Ethiopia will I receive my dispersed ones; they shall offer sacrifices to me.
11In that day you shall not be ashamed of all your practices, wherein you have transgressed against me: for then will I take away from you your disdainful pride, and you shall no more magnify yourself upon my holy mountain.
12And I will leave in you a meek and lowly people;
13and the remnant of Israel shall fear the name of the Lord, and shall do no iniquity, neither shall they speak vanity; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth: for they shall feed, and lie down, and there shall be none to terrify them.
14Rejoice, O daughter of Sion; cry aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem; rejoice and delight yourself with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem.
15The Lord has taken away your iniquities, he has ransomed you from the hand of your enemies: the Lord, the King of Israel, is in the midst of you: you shall not see evil any more.
16At that time the Lord shall say to Jerusalem, Be of good courage, Sion; let not your hands be slack.
17The Lord your God is in you; the Mighty One shall save you: he shall bring joy upon you, and shall refresh you with his love; and he shall rejoice over you with delight as in a day of feasting.
18And I will gather your afflicted ones. Alas! who has taken up a reproach against her?

19Behold, I will work in you for your sake at that time, says the Lord: and I will save her that was oppressed, and receive her that was rejected; and I will make them a praise, and honored in all the earth.
20And their enemies shall be ashamed at that time, when I shall deal well with you, and at the time when I shall receive you: for I will make you honored and a praise among all the nations of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before you, says the Lord.