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Translation for Translators - Jeremiah

Jeremiah 13

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1One day Yahweh said to me, “Go and buy a linen waistcloth. Put it on, but do not wash it.”
2So I bought a very nice waistcloth, which is what Yahweh told me to do, and I put it on.
3Then later Yahweh gave me another message.
4He said, “Go to the small Perath Stream near Jerusalem and hide your waistcloth in a crevice/hole in the rocks.”
5So I went to the stream and did what Yahweh told me to do.
6A long time later, Yahweh said to me, “Go back to that stream and get the waistcloth that I told you to hide there.”
7So I went to the Perath Stream and dug out the waistcloth from the crevice/hole in which I had hidden it. But it was ruined, and useless.
8Then Yahweh gave me this message:
9“ What happened to your waistcloth shows that I will destroy the things that the people of Jerusalem and other places in Judah are very proud of.
10Those wicked people refuse to pay attention to what I say. They stubbornly do just what they desire to do; they worship other gods. Therefore, they will become completely useless, like your waistcloth.
11Just like a waistcloth clings closely/tightly to a man's waist, I wanted the people MTY of Israel and Judah to cling closely to me. I wanted them to be my people, people who would praise me and honor me. But they would not pay attention to me.
12So, tell this to them: ‘Yahweh, the God whom you Israeli people worship, says that every leather wineskin should be filled with wine.’ And when you tell that to them, they will reply, ‘◄Of course/Certainly► we know RHQ that all wineskins should be filled with wine!’
13And then you must tell them, ‘No, that is not what Yahweh means. What he said means that he will cause this land to be filled with people who are drunk. That will include all of you —the king who sits on the throne that King David previously sat on, the priests and the prophets, and even the common people of Jerusalem.’
14He is saying, ‘I will cause you to bash each other. Even parents will bash their children. I will not pity you or act mercifully toward you at all; pitying you will not prevent me from getting rid of you.’ ”
15You people of Judah, pay very careful attention DOU. Do not be proud, because Yahweh has spoken to you.
16It is as though he is ready to bring darkness on you and to cause you to stumble and fall as you walk on the hills when it is becoming dark. So praise/honor Yahweh your God before that happens. If you do not do that, you will look for light, but all you will see is darkness and gloom.
17And if you still refuse to heed what he says, what will happen to you because of your being proud will cause me to cry when I am alone. My eyes will be filled with tears because you, Yahweh's people, whom he takes care of like a shepherd takes care of MET his flock, will all be captured by your enemies and taken to other countries.
18You people of Judah, say to the king and to his mother, “Come down from sitting on your thrones and humbly sit in the dust, because your enemies will soon snatch from your heads your glorious crowns.”

19The towns in the southern part of Judah will be surrounded by your enemies, and no one will be able to get through their lines to rescue the people in those towns. You people of Judah will be captured and taken away; you will all be ◄exiled/taken to foreign countries►.
20You leaders of Jerusalem, open your eyes and look: The enemy armies are ready to march down from the north. When that happens, what will happen to RHQ the people of Judah who are like a beautiful flock of sheep, people that he gave to you to take care of?
21What will you say RHQ when Yahweh appoints people from other countries to rule over you, people who you mistakenly thought were your friends? You will RHQ suffer very much pain, like a woman who is about to give birth to a baby.
22You will ask yourselves, “Why is this happening to us?” I will reply that it is because of your many sins. That is why soldiers of the invading armies will lift up the skirts of your women and rape them.
23A man from Ethiopia certainly cannot RHQ change the color of his black skin, and a leopard certainly cannot RHQ change its spots. Similarly, you cannot start doing what is good, because you have always done what is evil.
24Yahweh says, “I will scatter you like chaff that is blown away by the wind from the desert.
25That is what is certainly going to happen to you; the things that I have determined will happen to you, because you have forgotten me, and you are trusting in false gods.
26It is as though I myself will pull your skirts up over your faces and cause you to be very ashamed because everyone will be able to see your sex organs.
27I have seen that you act like men who are eager to commit adultery; you are like male horses that whinny when they desire to have sex with a female horse. I have seen that you worship disgusting idols in the fields and on the hills. You people of Jerusalem, terrible things will happen to you! How long will it be RHQ until you are acceptable to me again?”