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Translation for Translators - Jeremiah

Jeremiah 10

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1You people of Israel, listen to what Yahweh says:
2“Do not act like the people of other nations act, and do not be terrified by strange/unusual things that you see in the sky, even though they cause the people of other nations to be terrified.
3The customs of the people of other nations are worthless. For example, they cut down a tree in the forest. Then a skilled worker/craftsman cuts a section of it and uses his chisel to carve an idol from that section.
4Then people decorate the idol with silver and gold. Then they fasten it securely with nails in order that it will not topple/fall over.
5Then the idol stands there like SIM a scarecrow in a field of cucumbers/melons! It cannot speak, and people must carry it, because it cannot walk. Do not be afraid of idols, because they cannot harm anyone, and they cannot do anything good to help anyone.”
6Yahweh, there is no one like you. You MTY are great, and you are very powerful.
7You are the king of all the nations! Everyone should RHQ revere you, because that is what you deserve. Among all the wise people on the earth and in all the kingdoms where they live, ◄there is no one like you./who can compare with you?►
8Those people who think that they are very wise IRO are stupid and foolish DOU. The idols that they worship are only made of wood! Those idols certainly cannot teach them anything.
9People hammer into thin sheets silver from Tarshish and gold from Uphaz, and then they give those sheets of silver and gold to skilled workers/craftsmen to cover the idols. Then they put on those idols expensive purple robes that are made by skilled workers.
10But Yahweh is the only true God; he is the all-powerful God, the king who rules forever. When he is angry, all the earth shakes/quakes; and the people of the nations cannot endure what he does when he is angry with them.
11You Israeli people, tell this to those people: “Those idols did not make the sky and the earth, and they will disappear from the earth.”
12But Yahweh made the earth by his power; he established it firmly by his wisdom and stretched out the sky by his understanding.
13When he speaks loudly, there is thunder in the sky; he causes clouds to form over every part of the earth. He sends lightning with the rain and releases the winds from his storehouses.
14People are senseless and know very little HYP; those who make idols are always disappointed because their idols do nothing for them. The images/statues that they make are not real gods; they are lifeless.
15Idols are worthless; they deserve to be ridiculed; there will be a time when they all will be destroyed.
16But the God whom we Israelis worship is not like those idols; he is the one who created everything that exists; we, the tribe/people of Israel, belong to him; he is the Commander of the armies of angels.
17Yahweh says this to the people of Jerusalem: “The army of your enemies surrounds your city, so gather up your possessions and prepare to leave the city.
18I will soon throw you out of this land and cause you to experience great troubles, with the result that you will have severe pain (OR, none of you will be left here).”

19The people replied, “It is as though we have been badly wounded, and we are very grieved; It is as though we have a very serious illness, and we must endure the pain.
20It is as though our great tent is destroyed; the ropes that held it up have been cut; our children have gone away from us and will not return; there are no people left to rebuild our great tent.
21Our leaders MET no longer have any sense; they no longer ask Yahweh to ◄guide them/tell them what to do►, so they will no longer prosper, and all those over whom they rule MET will be scattered.
22Listen! Our enemies' armies in the north are making a very big noise/commotion as they march toward us. The towns in Judah will be destroyed, and they will become a place where jackals/wolves live.”
23Yahweh, I know that no person controls what will happen to him; no one is able to direct the events that he will experience.
24So correct/discipline us, but do it gently. Do not correct/punish us when you are angry, because we would die if you did that.
25Punish MTY all the nations whose people do not acknowledge/say that you are God; punish all the nations whose people do not worship you, because they are completely destroying DOU us people of Israel and they are causing our land to soon be only a desert.